Unboxing & Initial Impressions on the Tecno Spark 6 Go

Here's one smartphone brand that we were able to feature on the blog a few months ago with the Tecno Pourvior. TECNO is slowly getting a piece of the entry level smartphone market with their affordable smartphone releases and competitive specs. The latest one is the TECNO Spark 6 Go.

It highlights their big immersive display, big battery, big storage and some really cool features. Now, before we get right down to details, let's check out what you will be expecting when you open up the box. Inside you get a bunch of paperworks, the Spark 6 Go smartphone, micro USB charging cable, a charging bring, a free wired headphones with 3.5mm jack and also a really nice clear plastic protective case.

The Tecno Spark 6 Go is available in 3 color variants. Aqua Blue, Ice Jadite and this one, the Mystic White. It has a really nice beautiful pattern at the back and a nice glossy finish.
The type of glossy that doesn't leave fingerprint marks on the back of the phone. It looks like it has this 3D gradient texture effect and also a nice clear coating which also gives a nice comfortable grip on the phone.

On the right side of the phone you can find the volume rocker and power button. At the bottom is where you can find the micro USB charging port, microphone. and the audio jack. Nothing on the left side and top part of the phone.

Now, if you're looking for the sim or memory card slot, you'd be surprised. This one actually has a removable back cover. I can't remember the last time I had a removable back cover, I think it was way back in 2014, when I had my Samsung Galaxy S5. I actually wondered for a bit on where the slots where, until I saw a small cutout provision similar to my old Samsung Galaxy S5.
If you weren't looking for any slots or didn't pay too much attention on the side. You wouldn't even notice that the Tecno Spark 6 Go back cover can be removed. That's how good the design of this is. While others might have a mixed feeling on this saying that it's a bit outdated I think there's also an upside to this. You can easily replace parts or the battery of this phone incase it dies out on you.

There are actually 2 variants of the Spark 6 Go. 32GB + 2 GB and this one, the 64GB + 4GB. All powered by Quad-core processor. Both supporting up to 256GB external expandable memory and a 3-card slot (2 nano SIM + 1 micro SD).

The case that comes with the phone is also a thoughtful addition. It's not the usual jelly case which becomes yellow as us use it, this one actually is a more harder plastic, that is still flexible and has a bit more premium feel.

In the front is where you will see the huge display. It has a 6.52" IPS Dot Notch Screen also having a 720p resolution. Now before you groan with that info, know that this is a budget entry-level smartphone. The quality is actually not that bad. You can still see some details when you watch videos or even play games. Has a decent color contract and a good visual experience. It has 480 nits brightness and a 269 PPI which all contributes to wider and clearer immersive display effect.

Battery of this entry-level smartphone is also something worth noting. It packs a 5000mAh big battery enough to last you the whole day and even more. It has an intelligent power saving technology which gives you enought juice to power your daily needs keeping you connected for a longer time. The only thing I can say to this is that the charger that comes with this is not a fast charger. Not sure also if the Tecno Spark 6 Go supports fast charging feature.

Now, if you check the sides you can see that the side bezels are not that thick, the chin though is a bit thick which I won't be surprised anymore because it is a budget device. Checking the top part, the teardrop, dew drop or whatever they call the notch on top houses the selfie Camera of 8MP. It has a F/2.0 aperture lens and fully developed facial algorithms and is also capable of face unlock. The AI selfie flash also adjusts the brightness according to the environment. The AI beautification feature on this phone is also nice. Built-in to the camera system of the Tecno Spark 6 Go. It has 6 levels of beautification giving a natural retouch to the photos. Here are sample shots with and without the AI beauty mode.

At the back, you will find the dual camera setup, a 13MP main camera, an 8MP Bokeh Lens and also the LED flash which is placed in the middle of the two cameras which is unnusual. Maybe for better lighting spread when you take photos? Just below the dual-camera setup you can also see the finger-print scanner which is quite responsive. 

Here's an indoor shot with a decent light source. The last photo with the Canon camera, I was trying out the 8MP Bokeh camera but it doesn't seem to work properly. Will be testing it out with a proper subject soon and will be update this post. I've yet to take some well-lit outdoor shots and will be updating this post soon!

Also if you were looking for the speaker grills of this smartphone, it's actually at the back. Just beside the Tecno Spark logo. Now there might be some advantages of having the speaker at the back especially when you are playing COD mobile or any horizontal gaming, you won't get to cover the speaker when it is placed on the bottom part. The downside of this is when you're playing music and placed it flat on the surface, it will be blocking some of the sounds and won't be as clear and loud as when it is not muffled or covered.
There is bright side when we talk about the audio experience is. The Tecno Spark 6 Go has bluetooth audio share. Which means that you can connect multiple bluetooth speakers or wireless bluetooth searphones or 2 TWS earphones at the same time. Connect up to 3 bluetooth speakers or 2 bluetooth earphones easily and share good music or favrite movie with friends. 

On the internals, the Tecno Spark 6 Go runs on Android 10 out of the box which is good and also with Tecno's HiOS 6.2. This is Tecno's OS giving users a more intelligent and convenient user experience. It also comes with a new dark theme and some other cool features like wifi share, social turbo, smart panel, whatsapp status and other functions. While all that seems nice, I also notice that there are a lot of apps that comes pre-installed on the device which I am not sure I'll be using daily.

The CPU is a powered by a MediaTek Helio A20 (12nm), 1.8Ghz, Quad-core Cortex-A53. While Tecno doesn't highlight the Spark 6 Go's processor one shouldn't worry too much if you're concerned about its performance. In case you're wondering why there is Go on the smartphone name, the Go edition Android 10 (Go edition) is designed specifically for entry-level smartphones featuring just 1GB of memory or less. These phones will be able to encrypt data with zero impact on device performance.

The 64GB + 4GB variant performs just fine. Mobile legends is playable and Asphalt 9 seems to run okay but not too smooth. Switching apps is not a problem and it seem it can handle basic multitasking applications, I am speaking for the 4GB RAM variant and can't say the same for the 2GB RAM variant.

For the price of P 5,490, the Tecno Spark 6 Go sure is a nice entry-level budget smartphone device. This one can compete with other good entry level smartphones in the market right now. I would recommend that if you are thinking of getting the Tecno Spak 6, go for the 64GB + 4GB variant. 2GB is a bit too low for specs especially when apps these days are a bit more demanding on memory. 

Big display, big battery and a cool Audio share feature. Do you think this is enough for you to switch to the Tecno Spark 6 Go? Let us know at the comment section below!

More on the Tecno Spark 6 Go on the blog soon! 

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