Unboxing & First Impressions of the TECNO Pourvoir


Here's a smartphone that kicks most smartphones out of the water when we talk about battery power and energy. This new smartphone brand Tecno Mobile Pouvoir is dubbed as "The Energy King" with its 6000mAh battery. Now that's a lot, I remember back on previous reviews of a smartphone where I mentioned that smartphones these days should have a standard 5000mAh battery on them. But this one totally skips that and went for a thousand more.

Alright, let's go to the unboxing first before we talk more about the specs and features. The box is what you will see on the photo above and also, here a glimpse of the back where it shows the specs of the phone, highlighting the Google Assistant feature.

Inside the box, you get more than your usual. You get the phone, a jelly case, your charging brick, the charging cable, 3.5 headphone jack, and papers... I mean a lot of papers inside.

Aside from the 6000mAh battery, TECNO also highlights its 18W Speed Charger, but I could use a bit more watts in my opinion. The charging cable is a micro-USB which I wished would have been a Type-C. TECNO claims that the phone can last for four days straight with just a single charge.

The phone also comes with FREE headphones and with a 3.5mm jack which is rare to come by nowadays. So great job on this one TECNO.
Initial impression on the phone is that it is HUGE! I can't remember that last time I had a phone this big. I think the ROG phones are a bit bigger than this one but this one is definitely bigger than most of my phones.

You can't miss looking at the back because of its colorful and elegant finish. Available in three gradient colors, the back shows textural lines and colors changes at the light hits it.
If you tilt and move it towards the light and you can see some really nice straight diagonal lines that give a cool and gentle vibe. Up close you'd think that it has texture but the back is actually a clear coated finish.
You can also immediately see the camera setup. An AI Quad Camera, the rear is equipped with a 13MP clear lens working with F/1.8 big aperture, where every shot taken by Pouvoir 4 would be clear and bright enough. The camera supports 8x digital zoom function and 77-degree shooting angle. It also two 2MP cameras, and an AI lens at the rear. Achieve those close us macro shots showing finer details of things around you and also take advantage of the AI Bokeh Effect giving portraits better focus in the whole picture. There you can also see the fingerprint scanner which performs quite well.

Here are some sample shots.

At the front, you get an 8MP AI Selfie Camera with an excellent camera sensitive elements. It has an F/2.0 big aperture which captures more light from the environment and a wide selfie angle.

You can also see there the earpiece and also the speaker grill which also serves as a speaker when playing games or watching a movie. Dual speakers providing stereo and digital sound solutions based on acoustic measurement and correction. 

One thing that I like about this Tecno Pouvoir is its 7-inch HD+ Drop Display. It's just large enough giving you the best entertainment experience. It has a 90.55% screen to body ratio bringing you more wide vision area.

The ‘Pouvoir-ful’ smartphone - as they coined it, features TECNO’s HI OS 6.0 which is built on Android Q. 

Here's how it would look when you put in the quality case that comes with the box. Nice that the open ports have some covers provided by the frosted jelly case to hide the micro USB slot at the bottom and the 3.5 headphone jack. You can also see there the microphone and speaker.

Tecno Pourvoir also makes it easy for you to transfer your files from your old phone. The phone also comes with its own keyboard, Kika which performs similarly to swiftkey which I find very pleasing to use. 

The TECNO Pouvoir also has a dedicated Google Assistant button on the left side just below the sim and memory card tray which allows you to access it easily. Search, command, and get results with a touch of a button. News, reminders, weather, alarm, and other functions you can activate. On the right side, you will find the volume rockers and power button.

I personally think that this is a nice device from TECNO to introduce to the market targeting the entry-level and mid-range market. One highlight for me would be TECNO's long-lasting battery of 6000 mAh and the speed charge. This feature can power up the phone for 4 days straight with a single charge. Which are around 792 minutes of movie time, 516 minutes of video recording, and 638 minutes of action-packed gaming.
I do like the size of the screen, it gives me a nice gaming and movie experience.  The sounds on this phone are not bad either. The very nice execution on its Dark Theme not only reduces the screen's irritation to the eyes but also saves energy and extends the battery life effectively.

The TECNO Pouvoir 4 is available at leading partner retailers at a competitive and affordable price of 
Php4,590 for Pouvoir 4 3+32 
Php5,990 for Pouvoir 4 Pro 4+64 and 
Php6,990 SRP for Pouvoir 4 Pro 6+128

If you're looking for a smartphone with a large screen for your games and movies with a high capacity battery at an affordable price, then this is for you.

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