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[Fitness] New Year's Resolution - Staying Fit & Calorie Counting

Holidays are over and the time to burn those holiday gains is now. This might be a good start to burn those calories, not all of course, this way, you can start the year right by keeping track of the calorie intake of your body. 
I count this calculator online, it's I came across this when I was looking at loan, mortgage, auto, and credit cards calculator. They actually have a lot on the site. You guys should check it out. 

They also have a Calorie Deficit Calculator (Weight Loss Goal Calculator: Calorie Deficit to Lose Weight Calculator) which to my surprise has some really nice info and is such a breeze to use. We know how hard it can be to count calories every day, but this one that I found is easy to use. You just have to enter your basic info, current weight, body fat & activity along with your weight goal and it will calculate it for you.
Now I know what you're thinking, It's a lot of work! I mean just think about what you will be gaining by losing weight. You gain more life. The more that you are fit, and healthy and lose those extra pounds, you'd be able to do more and live life to the fullest.

Another cool thing here is when you input your weight goal and the duration, may it be days, weeks, months, or years, it will calculate the daily calories required to meet the designed goal. Like this one below. Now, note that this is not the result of the ones inputted above.

Having a guide or a goal on the number of calories you will need definitely gives you a guide on how you should be behaving or consume nourishment. Of course, you have to also consult with your dietician and eat when you're hungry. I'm not saying that you should be sticking to this strictly but this is just an easy guide for those who would like to take this calorie-counting journey on their own.

At the bottom, you also get an insight and a summary of the results.
I suggest you guys give the Weightloss Calculator a try.  Keep your New Year’s fitness momentum strong and of course, make sure you have the proper nutrition & exercise. 

Portofino Alabang: Luxury Lifestyle and Modern Comforts in the South of Manila

Spacious and lavish gardens with beautifully landscaped walkways surround Portofino’s luxury homes with grace and charm.

Convenience is a real estate trend that never goes out of style. It has increasingly become a critical decision factor among affluent homebuyers.

For many people, a perfect location means being close to infrastructure that can provide quick access to metropolitan areas. Meanwhile, regarding property investment, factors such as location, local neighborhood, transportation network, environmental quality, and potential for future development often determine one’s value.

Providing the perfect blend of Italian lifestyle and urban excitement in a prestigious location is Portofino, Brittany Corporation’s 300-hectare exclusive development set in the heart of what is dubbed as the New Alabang.

Portofino allows residents to enjoy modern comforts without sacrificing the opportunities of city life. Conveniently located just minutes from the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX), Portofino provides a luxury living experience and convenient access to some of the most exciting destinations in the South of Manila.

Living in Portofino will unlock many lifestyle opportunities for work-life balance with countless benefits.
Positioned in the prestigious residential area of Vista Alabang, Portofino homes enjoy privacy and fill the eyes with wonder with their meticulous architecture and design.

Craftsmanship and Elegance at Exceptional Value
Elegance and sophistication embrace you as you enter Portofino. With its meticulous architectural detail, bespoke homes of inspired designs, enduring beauty, value, and custom-tailored experiences, Brittany elevates one’s home into a work of art.

Inspired by a coastal town in the heart of the Italian Riviera, characterized by a tranquil crescent harbor with a hill of olive groves and small vineyards in its background, Portofino is a beautiful development that is rimmed by luxury houses and spacious lots clustered around an exclusive community with a distinct old-world charm that meets modern amenities.

At the heart of these classic Italian-inspired homes are distinctive courtyards complemented by Italian architectural details such as elaborate windows and doorways, cupolas, gabled roofs, and pocket gardens. Spacious and lavish gardens with beautifully landscaped walkways surround Portofino’s luxury homes with grace and charm.
Beautiful lush landscapes combined with architecture, fountains, and sculptures transform Portofino’s open spaces into something magical with their color, life, and whimsy.

Lush Greenery and Italian Touches at its Finest
With a compelling combination of lush plants and trees, Italian design, and beautiful landscapes, Portofino offers a luxurious breathing space right in the center of Vista Alabang. It also features luxuriant courtyards—beautiful gardens that contrast elegantly with verdant greenery and create a glamorous yet intimate vibe.

At the helm of Portofino’s exclusive community are the abundance of green, open spaces and modern amenities that provide sustainable and elegant touches for residents to enjoy.

In addition to beautiful living spaces, Portofino enjoys the abundance of green, open spaces and a unique mixture of indoor-outdoor features and amenities.

Proximity to the Best Lifestyle Center in the South
Portofino has become a picture of a thriving community with sophisticated Italian-inspired residences in proximity to Evia Lifestyle Center that offers the ultimate shopping and lifestyle experience with expertly curated retail and dining options.

It is also just a few minutes from concept coffee shops such as The Crossing Cafe, which offers a relaxed atmosphere with good food and great coffee, and Joe Drive, the drive-thru version of the country’s first letter-writing cafe, Dear Joe.

Portofino is situated within a live-work-play environment with high accessibility and lush open spaces fittingly interwoven within a safe and secure neighborhood. Its strategic location gives the residents the utmost exclusivity and privacy while still allowing them to enjoy access to all modern conveniences.

It elevates one’s lifestyle in a modern, urban area and creates communities with Brittany’s distinct stamp, style, and character that many have come to know and aspire for.

Beautiful lush landscapes combined with architecture, fountains, and sculptures transform Portofino’s open spaces into something magical with their color, life, and whimsy.

Positive Impact on Property Value
Further advantages that make Portofino stand out are how accessible and convenient it is for private and public transportation, as it is located near the MCX Exit as well as premium shopping and leisure hubs.

With this strategic location, everything is within arm’s reach, custom-made for individuals and families who aim to thrive in a setting that is sustainable and conducive to work productivity.

Beyond elevated lifestyle, Portofino’s improved connectivity and access to key infrastructure projects and lifestyle establishments help boost its property value, making it an attractive investment option for investors wanting to benefit from real estate properties.

Brittany is the premium standard in luxury residential development that offers a beautiful and sophisticated collection of homes, condominiums, and lot-only properties in the country’s finest locations.

As the luxury residential arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., Brittany creates masterpieces that provide unprecedented space, comfort, absolute attention to detail, and exclusive finishes that are perfect for those with a devotion to perfection and a taste for artful living.

In Brittany, expect nothing less than sophistication, quality, and elegance in the best lifestyle locations: Portofino in Alabang, La Posada in Sucat, Georgia Club, and Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and Crosswinds in Tagaytay.

For more information on Brittany Corporation’s collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Things I like about the realme C33

There are a lot of things to love about the realme C33 smartphone and let me just give you 5 reasons why I love the realme C33.

1. Design & Feel

First of all the design is amazing! I like the classy look and finish on the back of the phone. Even if it's glossy and prone to some breaks because it's kind of like glass or tempered of some sort, I do like how it is built overall. The shiny glittery specs on the back add a very nice touch, which is why I am digging this color variant which is the Night Sea. 

The feel on the hand is just great. It is quite familiar because of the corner edges of the phone but this phone can stand on its own and it's just well-designed. 

2. Camera

For its price, I think that this entry-level phone is great at providing a dual cam setup and a 50MP camera! jeez! The main camera is at f/1.8 aperture with autofocus and the other with 0.3 Depth Sensor with f/2.8 aperture. It also has an LED flash and can record 1080p video. Here are some photos.

3. Screen Display

While the screen is nothing new or cutting edge, the entry-level beast that is the realm C33 features a 6.5-inch HD. 

Great for entertainment, games, school assignments, and some work as well. In part of the screen, you can see that there's a notch for the 5MP selfie camera in the center top. It has a screen-to-body ratio of 88.7& and 16.7 million colors so you can see when you view or watch and play on the phone you can see that details are vivid and it's smooth with every swipe. The screen is HD + IPS LCD Display of 720 x 1600 px, 270 ppi. 

While the chin is noticeable because of how thin the top and the sides are, it's still okay for me.

4. Insides (Battery, Slots & Processor)

The realme C33 runs on a UNISOC Tiger T612 chipset. It has 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage running on Android 12 OS, with the realme UI S Edition user interface. It has 4g LTE connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.0 audio, dual SIM slot, and an expandable up to 1TB.

Bonus like: There's a very nice side-mounted fingerprint scanner, and a large 5,000mAh battery powers the device with support for 10W charging rate via a micro-USB 2.0 charging port.

The realme C33 is a fun and stylish phone that is a very good entry-level smartphone for those highschoolers and as a secondary phone. It is thin at 8.3mm Ultra Slim Boudless Sea Design, a 6.5'' HD + LCD Display, a 50MP AI Camera and so much more. This is priced at PHP 7,499. Read more about it here

Things to love about the Redmi A1

Redmi has always been synonymous with quality and affordability. They have smartphones that hit the high-end markets and the entry-level category. This Redmi A1 is interesting and let me share with you things to love about the Redmi A1.

The Xiaomi Redmi A1 is truly a leader in giving value and bang-for-buck purchases. It's affordable and is a good smartphone to get and purchase for first-time smartphone users. Packed with fun features and can keep up with the kid's entertainment demands and "bida" moments. The Xiaomi Redmi A1 is priced at P 4,499. But it was offered at a promo price of 3,999! Imagine that. Next time they release another version of this, make sure you don't miss it.

There's a lot to unpack here so please bear with me. I know I said 3 things, but there's actually a whole lot more. 
Camera- The 8MP dual camera system at the back has intelligent image processing algorithms. The 8MP main camera captures the general scene and portrait mode gives a natural depth of field effect in the background. Nice to know that the Redmi A1 also has HDR Mode giving you clear photos even in high-contrast situations. 
Video features of the camera like short videos and time-lapse photography are nice features to have especially on an entry-level smartphone at this price point! Selfies are effortless with the 5MP AI front camera with beauty mode.

MediaTek Helio A22 - It's FAST! CPU of up to 2.0 GHz. This processor pairs four ARM Cortex-A53's operating up to a super-fast 2.0GHz with an IMG PowerVR GE-class CPU. This is powerful enough to handle video calls and online meetings. For online usage, it supports 2.4GHz WiFi that’s compatible with LTE for seamless connections. They can also depend on the phone’s performance and connectivity for their daily activities– from catching up with friends via messaging apps to playing mobile games.
Storage - It has a dedicated micro SD card slot and is expandable for up to 1TB storage! Now that is huge! Your young ones will be able to store more films, photos, and music on their phones and will be able to handle the apps and school requirements. Perfect for kids who love taking photos and videos and often save important files for school.

Stylish - The phone is stylish in its own right! No need to worry about the smudges and breaks or scratches on the back of the phone because this one, especially the black one is not prone to visible dents and scratches. It's textured and has a really good clean design. Also available in other colors to let the students express their personal style, with Black, Light Green, and Light Blue.

Power - Juiced up with a 5000mAh battery and comes with 10W fast charging capabilities, this makes sure that your teen can use the smartphone all day and worry about not being able to reach the kids.

One thing I also liked about the Redmi A1 is the 6.25" FULL-SCREEN HD DISPLAY.
Crystal clear content whether doing research for school, browsing social media or just entertainment, the big phone screen is definitely helpful and can make the viewing content more comfortable. The 6.5" HD Dot Drop display with 20:9 aspect ratio makes text and photos appear clearer. It also has Night Light support for those late-night readers.
These are just some of the things that need to be considered in getting that first smartphone that you can give to your kids and high schoolers. Easy to bring everywhere, it's light and easily fit in any bag or pocket while having a decent screen size. Making sure also that schooling and entertainment needs are accommodated. The newest entry-level phone from Xiaomi delivers fun, essential features, and stylish design at an affordable price.

Watch out for my video test on the Xiaomi Redmi A1.

Solane achieves 22 million manhours without Lost Time Injury

The HSSE milestone shows Solane’s commitment to ensure safety for both its consumers and workforce
Isla LPG, the company behind one of the most trusted LPG brands Solane, has achieved 22 million safe manhours for both its regular employees and contracted staff without Lost Time Injury (LTI) as of April 2022.

This milestone in Health, Safety, Security and Environment means all Isla LPG employees and Isla partners, both in the plant and office, have not experienced any injury or accident that resulted to them being absent from work and thereby, losing productive work time. “At Isla LPG, we take safety seriously every step of the way, from our plants and offices to the transport of Solane LPG products to our valued customers and business partners,” said Tonito Gonzalez, CEO of Isla LPG. “We want all our employees and contracting partners to feel confident about our mission to provide safe and quality LPG accessible for Filipinos, and it starts with ensuring that they have a safe workplace.”

For Isla LPG, the 22M LTI-free manhours record means the company was able to achieve operations in the plant including gantry/cylinder filling, safe driving performance of haulers, no LTI in Isla’s plants and offices nationwide and no LTI for Isla contractors working on projects, installations, and partner sites.

“Safety is non-negotiable for Isla LPG. Just like how we put premium on the safety of our products through stringent measures and innovative technology, we also make sure that all our employees are working in a healthy, safe, secured, and environment-friendly workplace by integrating practices in all aspects of our businesses,” said Marvin Dela Fuente, HSSE Manager of Isla LPG.

Dela Fuente attributes this hard-earned milestone to the company’s efforts to combine regular trainings, documentations, plant operation programs and annual internal audit. He added that the company ensures that safety is instilled in everyone's hearts and minds.

“Aside from striving for zero LTI, our goal is to have no major plant operation accidents, major road transport accidents, total recordable occupational illnesses, security incidents and life-saving rules violations,” Dela Fuente added.

Isla LPG employees undergo weekly toolbox meetings to start their workweek and receive regular trainings on first aid, firefighting and Permit to Work-Job Hazards Analysis. In compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Republic Act No 11058, Isla tapped Philippine Red Cross Trainers in June to conduct First Aid training for its security personnel, plant staff, and nominated employee first aiders.

Given the risk that comes with working with hazardous substances, Isla implements programs specifically for its plant operations. These include Emergency Response Procedures (ERP) where proactive and reactive approaches for plant operations are discussed and implemented, the Medical Response Strategy (MERS) where plant safety and high health standards are ensured, and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component where Isla works with the community surrounding its plants.
To review and ensure that safety procedures and practices are up-to-date and implemented, Isla also conducts annual internal safety audit on its plant operations, distributor operations, metal maintenance contractors and haulers.

Isla LPG Corp. (ILC), ISLA Petroleum & Gas Corporation’s subsidiary engaged in supply, trading, marketing and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the Philippines under the banner brand Solane (formerly Shellane), operates strategically located LPG refilling plants nationwide and has a vast network of distributors and retail stores.

Capture the Cheers this Holidays Season with these vivo smartphone promos!

 Amazing deals & promo celebrating Paskong La vivo Loca!

No other season could be closer to our hearts than the season of cheers and giving. The need to stay connected and be with each other, especially during the holiday season, this year, Filipinos will go a full blast celebrating with family and friends. “Paskong La vivo Loca” is the theme and can’t wait for me to experience the joy and wonder

As early as September, Filipinos play holiday cheers in the malls and deck the halls with the season’s elements. Uniquely ours to own, we somehow take pride in this fact and show how we Filipinos continue to spread love in the season of giving. Gift-giving is one of the many traditions Filipinos celebrate during the season and what a perfect time it is because vivo is also having some amazing Christmas promos on the V25 series, Y35, and Y16.


Let me just share that the V25 series is amazing to use. Their whole V series just keeps on getting better. One of the nice features of the V25 series is the really nice ‘Night Shot’, they call this Night Portrait Master to help you capture those Simbang Gabi moments and Christmas get-togethers at night. Dark place and not much ambient light? No problem! vivo, the selfie master will make sure that those photos of you and your friends are on point, I can easily get amazing results because of the 50MP Eye Auto Focus. Snap those quality photos and upload them right away with the 64MP OIS Ultra Sensing Camera and easily store more photos because of the huge 256 GB capacity and 20GB Dynamic RAM. Not only does it perform well, but it looks good too! The back phone also can be a nice conversation piece with its color-changing Photochromatic 2.0, which is a really nice rear case cover not found on other phones. But what I personally like about the vivo V25 is you can create your own Vlog Movie and become an instant vlogger with its native video editing features.

Check out these top specs of the different vivo V25 series smartphones

The V25 Pro 

  • Photochromic version 2.0 

  • 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing camera with extreme night vision

  • 32MP Eye AF Selfie

  • 12+256 GB capacity

  • 120Hz 3D Curved Screen

  • MediaTek Dimensity 1300

  • 66W FlashCharge

  • Android 12 - Funtouch OS 12

V25 and V25e

  • Photochromic version 2.0 

  • 50MP Eye AF Selfie (V25)

  • 64MP OIS  Ultra-Sensing camera

  • 32 MP Selfie(V25e)

  • 8+256 GB capacity 

  • 6nm Flagship Energy-save chip

  • 90Hz Ultra Vision Screen

  • 2.5D Thin and Light Body

  • 44W FlashCharge

QUICK AS A FLASH, vivo Y35 Powered by a 44W Fast Charge & 256GB ROM

Get right into the action! With its 44W fast Charging technology never miss a scene or moment with the vivo Y35. The vivo Y35 is the fastest-charging phone under the Y series. You don’t need to worry if you’re going to run out of juice because It has a 5000mAh battery and a 44W Fast Charging Technology giving you more memorable moments. If you’re a creator, you can create your own vlog with its 16MP selfie camera that has Video Face Beaty, no need for third-party apps, everything is there already in your phone. You can take endless pictures with its triple rear camera equipped with a large sensor of (50MP + 2MP+2MP and 8+256 GB capacity with + 16GB Dynamic RAM.

Y35 has a 5000mAh battery

Here’s a summary of the vivo Y35

  • 6.58-inch FHD+ Display

  • 50MP Main Camera with a Large Sensor

  • 44W Fast Charge with 5000mah Large Capacity Battery  

  • Super Night Camera

  • Rear Camera Video EIS

  • Video Face Quality

  • 16GB Dynamic RAM 

  • 256GB Capacity Expansion up to 1TB

  • Snapdragon 680 | 90Hz Refresh rate 

  • Updated Audio Booster

More storage for more memories this holiday season with vivo Y16’s 128GB Storage!

Vivo Y16 has a 6.51 inch Halo FullView Display and a very trendy design

Never worry in running out of space in capturing those priceless moments during reunions and get-togethers with the vivo Y16 huge capacity for its given price range. Equipped with a 5000mAh battery, you can take endless festivity moments without worrying with its enormous storage of up to 128 GB and 5GB Dynamic RAM. Power-packed yet very pocket-friendly device and definitely a perfect gift this Christmas, especially for stylish individuals.

Check out these value-for-money specs of the vivo Y16

  • Trendy design - 2.5D Curvature & Flat Frame

  • Game Support with Multi-Turbo 5.5 & Ultra Game Mode

  • 128GB/64GB ROM (highlight: 4 + 128GB)

  • 5 GB Dynamic RAM

  • Large 5000mAh Battery

  • 6.51-inch Halo FullViewTM Display with Eye Protection Mode

  • Picture Support that has Aura Screen Light & Super HDR, Clarity even in Backlight

  • Side Fingerprint and Face Wake, Fast and Easy 

May it be a gift for yourself or a gift for a special someone, these are some items you need to have on your Christmas list. Not only do these stand out in design compared to other mobile phones in the market but they also pack a lot of features. The best in value this holiday season would be these vivo smartphones. Here’s what’s even more amazing, when you visit vivo stores and kiosks nationwide, you will also get a chance to win exciting freebies from November 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023. Make the holidays extra merry and capture those cheers with the #PaskongLaVIVOLoca Christmas promo.Check them out via the links below.





Expansion and innovation fuel Kenny Rogers Roasters’ aggressive growth nationwide

While many restaurants were forced to temporarily downsize because of the pandemic, Kenny Rogers Roasters is eyeing aggressive growth by tapping unserved areas across the country, and improving market penetration through store expansion and innovation. Since 2020, the restaurant chain has managed to open 19 new stores, 17 of which were in Luzon, one in Visayas, and one in Mindanao.

At a time both consumers and food establishments were searching for ways to implement stringent safety measures to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus while still running the business, Kenny Rogers Roasters was also quick to launch its first Park and Order store, as well as several drive thru stores. These new stores have provided customers with more accessible, convenient, and safer options to enjoy their favorite Kenny Rogers Roasters products.

Encouraged by the success of their newly-opened restaurants, Petter Danilla, Kenny Rogers Business Development Director said, “We will fortify our presence in the Philippines by opening more flagship stores along major cities and provinces to maximize the demand for convenience and accessibility, and continue to deliver that signature deliciously healthy Kenny Rogers Roasters experience.”
Alongside their aggressive expansion, Kenny Rogers Roasters continues to innovate while maintaining the sense of familiarity that customers are used to, by coming up with different ways to keep its menu offerings fun, new, and exciting. To date, the restaurant chain has already come up with recent product innovations that are aligned with the brand’s “deliciously healthy” mantra – from Chipotle, Salted Egg, and Wrap & Roll to Chimichurri and Smokehouse BBQ. But they’re not slowing down as Lorent Adrias, Kenny Rogers Roasters Marketing Director, promised, “There’s a lot to be excited about! We are definitely developing and launching a wide selection of products very soon that guests will surely love and enjoy, which will elevate their whole eating experience.”

While the past two years have been very fruitful for Kenny Rogers Roasters, the brand is not about to rest on its laurels as it sets its sights on even bigger goals to ensure that its growth and expansion are sustained in the coming years: “We plan to open 100 stores in the next five years, bringing the store network up to more than 200 branches and sales more than Php 10 billion.”

As for Kenny Rogers Roasters’ food offerings, Adrias remarked, “Everything we do is centered on consumer insight. It’s focused on consumer needs.” So the restaurant chain will continue to innovate its food offerings as Adrias added, “Innovation, there’s no end to it. It’s limitless and endess. And, we want to establish Kenny Rogers Roasters as the most innovative brand in the market.”

For more updates, follow Kenny Rogers Roasters’ official social media pages: @KennyRogersPH on Facebook, @kennyrogersph on Instagram and Youtube (

HONOR X6 now available via Globe postpaid plans!



Avail your HONOR X6 at Plans P500, P799, and P999 in select Globe stores! 


 Manila, Philippines, Nov 21, 2022 - HONOR, the leading global tech provider for smart devices, has recently announced its postpaid plans for HONOR X6. HONOR fans can now get the latest HONOR phone in very affordable plans in select Globe stores nationwide. 

HONOR X6 Specs 

HONOR X6 is a budget-friendly smartphone that comes with two color options - Midnight Black and Titanium Silver. 

It has a 50MP Triple Camera that can capture the wonderful moments of your life with ease. It runs on a Mediatek Hello 625 chipset with 4GB RAM, Android 12 OS, and Magic UI 6.1 Interface. 

A large 5,000mAh battery powers the device with support for 10W charging via USB Type C. The high-capacity battery provides plenty of power to last all day. Up to 17 hours of online video playback or 31 hours of online music playback. 

There's also a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, 4G LTE connectivity, dual-band Wi-Fi, and 64GB of expandable storage up to 1TB microSD card. 

Hurry now! Visit the Globe stores near you and get the HONOR X6 at a lower plan! All plans include Unli All-Net Calls & Text, Landline Calls, and 3GB GoWifi!

Want to avail HONOR latest products? Here is the list of places to visit!

HONOR continues to expand its presence by opening its kiosks in select SM Malls in the country. Fans can purchase their favorite tech products via the HONOR online store, Lazada, and Shopee! 

HONOR simultaneously opened its four kiosks at SM Baliwag, SM Rosales, SM Center Dagupan, and SM Butuan last Nov. 15, 2022


We heard you, HONOR fans! You may now finally visit the newly opened kiosks of HONOR to experience the latest products up close!

With the recent launch of the brand last September, HONOR, the leading global provider of smart devices keeps its goal to serve the demand of the HONOR fans by opening four more kiosks in select SM Malls in the country.

Here is the list of where you can purchase the latest HONOR tech products:  

Physical kiosks in select SM Malls

HONOR fans can now avail of the latest products, HONOR Magic4 Pro, HONOR 70 5G, HONOR Pad 8, HONOR X6, HONOR X7, HONOR X8, HONOR X9, via its physical stores in SM Rosales, Pangasinan; SM Baliwag, Bulacan; SM Center Dagupan, Pangasinan; and SM Butuan, Agusan del Norte. 

 HONOR officials were present at the opening of the store at SM Rosales. (L-R: Stephen Cheng, VP of HONOR; Joepy Libo-on, Brand Marketing Manager; Ybarra Garcia, National Sales Head; Guanzon executive; Le Xing; Sean Yuan, Country Manager; and Guangzhou executive)

“This is just the start of the many big things that will happen for HONOR. This year, we’ve already reached 80% of our target in opening the store and by 2023, we will continue to expand and we will be more visible to more locations in Metro Manila, other parts of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao,” says Stephen Cheng, Vice President of HONOR Philippines.

Latest HONOR products. HONOR 70 5G, HONOR X8, HONOR X7, HONOR X6

Great deals also await the first few customers who will avail of the #BestVloggingPhone, HONOR 70 5G. Lucky customers will be taking home a FREE JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker.

First lucky buyer who purchased four HONOR phones at SM Baliwag. 


Watch LAZ Live and Win HONOR 70 5G and HONOR Band 6

HONOR fans need no to worry if they want to avail the latest products via online because It’s one tap away via HONOR’s physical stores, Lazada, and Shopee apps.

Watch the LAZ Live of HONOR on November 18, Friday, at 7 PM, highlighting the fitness influencer Isabelle Lim and get specials deals on HONOR devices, including a FREE JBL Flip 5 worth PHP 6,999 for every purchase of an HONOR 70 5G