Marian Rivera Leads the FHM 100 Sexiest 2014


FHM 100 Sexiest 2014. That was the topic of my timeline and my frustrations the past few weeks. After weeks of praying for a pass, my wish was granted by Vince Golanco of WhenInManila, Byron Cristobal - Manager of Mocha Girls and Myk Cruz of Solaire Resort. Thank you for answering to my plea. You made this post happen!

Okay, let's get it on already. I arrived at the venue around 5PM and the line was building up. Got my ticket and went in. This is the first time that I was able to go to World Trade Center this early for the #FHM100Sexiest. My plan was to go in, take photos of the sponsor booths, the crowd and find a nice place before the program starts. But before that, I was able to go to the backstage. #mustbeluck and I took a couple of shots. (Backstage Photos Here) After that, I went around the place and visited the booths. Here's Kojie San booth with the Mocha Girls.

More photos of the Kojie San girls and Mocha Girls at the Kojie San booth and some photos of their performance. CLICK HERE.

GraceNote and Imago pumping up the crowd with their amazing music.

Here's another sponsor's booth. Exped. No girls, just games. A bit boring :)

Here's one from Petron. #NotBad

Here's a big booth area of RRJ. A small skate park right there with cowboy wearing girls. Daisy Duke kind of feel.

Here's the Tanduay Booth. Buy some rhum and you get to have your photo taken with these girls.

Here's the Rogin-E booth. Some dancers with a silouette effect and some cool music. Not much happening here really.

and the the show started. I was in the advertisers VIP area, that will explain the shot that I have below.

Here's Jahziel Manabat for Petron

Next was Kojie San's turn with the Mocha Girls and the Kojie San models which you will find here.
Seika of Mocha Girls
Models from Rogin-E

Here's from Walker underwear and Exped socks


Here's from Poker Hero. Really cool concept. Their model dressed up as Khaleesi. Woot!

Christine Almaden as Khaleesi

Here are the Tanduay girs headed by Maica Palo

and it starts!

Roxee B aka Roxanne Barcelo!

Alice Dixson in the houuusseee!!!

Angel Malit and some models strutting the runway.

What I noticed in this year's show is that the flow of these babes is not in a countdown type of way. They have some of the girls as fillers in between some personalities. Personally, I'm not digging it.

Here's my favorite Brazilian Daiana Menezes and Pauline So.

more or Pauline So.

 Here's another sponsor segment. RRJ

WARNING: The following photos below will be a bit more revealing. Scroll down at your own risk. I warned you. 

Awesome rockstar hot here is Divine Smith! I saw her walking around backstage and I was shy to take a photo of her. Really nice tats!

Here's young and bubbly Ryza Cenon! 

More sponsor segment and a couple of bands. Kjwan, Wolfgang and Razorback!

chunky Ehra Madrigal! and Bangs Garcia.

Well look at that. Fireworks.

I warned you...

Here's Paloma Esmeria and Aby Poblador

Jacq Yu & Petra Mahalimuyak aka Ashley Rivera

One more Ashley ;)

Michelle Madrigal and Hot Aubrey Miles

Aubrey Miles and Abby Poblador gets the crowd roaring! 

More models! Leather girl 1, Nicole Alexandria and Maica Palo

Maica Palo, Bianca Peralta and Lhea Bernardino

Scene stealer Paloma Esmeria

Sara Polverini & Danielle Castano

Fun Karen Bordador and Roxee B!

Jacq Yu & Petra Mahalimuyak aka Ashley Rivera

Daiana Menezes - FHM 100 Sexiest 2014
Pauleen So - FHM 100 Sexiest 2014
Temptress Abby Poblador

Gold member Jahziel Manabat

and more girls.

Blue dress girl and Ryza Cenon! 

Here's playful Aubrey-Milesy-Cyrus!

Girl in black, girl in brown and Michelle Madrigal

July cover girl, Rochelle Pangilinan

Bang Garcia and Ruffa Mae Quinto

After this, it was the finale. Everyone was waiting for the No. 1 pick as the Philippine's sexiest for 2014! was it worth the wait? Let's see! 


After Marian's moment, the models did one last walk..

Here's a better shot of Daiana Menezes (yes!) and Sara Polverini

Gold member Jahziel Manabat and uhhh... what's her name again?

Michelle Madrigal and... uhmm black angel

and here's comedian Ruffa Mae Quinto beautiful and fun as ever!

I guess that pretty much sums up my FHM 100 Sexiest for 2014. I still have a lot of photos to upload. More photos coming to you! CLICK HERE FOR BACKSTAGE PHOTOS. 

Congratulations FHM Philippines for another job well done! I just hope that it will be better next time. :)

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  1. Hi! just wanted you to know I dropped by: ) Love the photos! -Inspired me to make a career out of losing weight: )

    ~Friendly note- typo above, you forgot the y in Tanduay: )

    blessed week: )

    1. Hi Kulasa!

      Thanks for visiting! I updated the post and you can see there more photos! :)

      Thanks for brining to my attention the typo. :)

      Keep on visiting.


      Myke Soon

  2. "girl in brown" -- LJ Reyes :)

    Ano theme this year? Parang mas madaming nag-place sa Top 100 ang di umattend this year kaya hinalo yung ibang models. Mas kaunti this year kaysa last year.

  3. thanks po sa mga photos sir! very nice! pasend naman po sa email ko .. heheheh thanks po!

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