Mocha Girls & Kojie San during the FHM 100 Sexiest


FHM 100 Sexiest 2014 - Have always been a fan of this girl group Mocha Girls. Yes they are sexy and can be a bit teasing most of the time. They may look oh so hot and may seem extreme on some of their shows for some people but these girls, they only mean good fun. I've had the privileged to work with them every Wednesday night at my previous work as marketing for Blue Wave Macapagal. They still perform there every Wednesday.

During the FHM 100 Sexiest 2014 party, I got to see them again, have a quick chat and took photos of these girls while these were at the Kojie San booth. Following their Facebook page   I get to see training and the discipline that these girls have. Have 3-4 shows every night is not easy. I tell you that these girls world their butts off! It's not easy. It's tiring. And yet, they still oblige people with photo ops. One wrong move of your hands or your lips, I tell you that the bouncers will slap it off your body and face. #RespectPeople.

Kojie San. A beauty brand by Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. is know for their whitening soap. They now have expanded their product line to toners, sunblock, face cream, moisturizer, other products for men and also for kids. You can get more information about Kojie San here

Here are the girls at the Kojie San booth during the FHM 100 Sexiest.
Mocha Uson, Mae Dela Cerna amd Jhane Santiaguel - FHM 100 Sexiest.
Pepper, Seika, Mae & Jhane

Sharing also below the Kojie San girls at the booth

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Sharing with you also some photos during their performance at the FHM 100 Sexiest. Check out Mocha, awesome as ever! 

 Kojie San models out for a walk.

 Franz & Seika

Too bad I wasn't able to take much photo of Mocha.

New Mocha Girl crush. Seika. Personality, aura and attitude for the win! (moving on from first crush Jhane :) )

Seika and Franz -Mocha Girls

 That was my view in the advertisers VIP section. It was really hard to take photos when all the other men are taking photos. They went crazy watching the Mocha Girls perform. Well, honestly, I couldn't blame them. :)

I was surprised when the girls went out with no announcement from FHM. They should have introduce the Mocha Girls and the Kojie San brand properly. Also, the whole show started late. Anyways, even with all the production booboos, the Mocha Girls still delivered awesome performance!

Sharing with you guys the video below.

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