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If you haven't seen my unboxing of my #GlobeGalaxyS5, check out this link. And if you're still deciding on whether to get a #GalaxyS5 smartphone, read on.

In a nut shell the Galaxy S5 is Samsung's latest entry in their smartphone Galaxy line and this smartphone is awesome. Check out some details below.
- Display is a 5.1 inch Full HD AMOLED with (1920 x 1080) 432 ppi.
- 16 Megapixel camera which has HDR (Rich tone), Selective Focus and Virtual Tour Shot.
- Amazing Fingerprint sensor
- S Health and Heart Rate sensor 
- IP67-certified Dust and Water Resistant
- Emergency Mode and Ultra Power Saving Mode
The device is runs on Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) and has an internal 16GB user Memory with a microSD up 128GB. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available in Charcoal black, Shimmery white, Electric blue & Copper gold.

There are a couple of features that stood out for me in this amazing Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Here are the top 5 unique and amazing features of the Galaxy S5 for me.
1. Dust and Water Resistant Body.

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S5 delivers with its IP67 certified which means it is resistant to water and dust. If you're worried that water will go inside the USB port, dont. The phone has a flap that protects it. Did a couple of test myself which I shared on this post.

2. S Health & Heart Rate Monitor
The S Health is Samsung's app that focus on health and wellness. You can download and use these apps anytime and anywhere.

I personally liked the Pedometer and Exercise app. You can set goals and beat your personal best. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the the first smartphone to have a built-in heart rate monitor. Taking part and addressing those health conscious people who's always on the go, the Galaxy S5 puts in this feature making users conscious about their health, they activity and a whole lot more. The monitor is placed at the back next to the LED flash and will  track the user's heart rate through the index finger. 

3. Finger Sensor 
The Finger Scanner on the Galaxy S5 is at the phone's Home button. Users need to swipe their fingers and not hold it. The scanner can be used to unlock the phone and for authenticating payments via Paypal.

4. Faster Internet Connection
With the Galaxy S5 LTE Frequency with LTE Category 4 Standard, the Galaxy S5 also have this unique feature called the Download Booster. It combines Wi-Fi and LTE connections to achieve faster download speeds. 

5. Improved Camera with 4K video.
With Samsung Galaxy S5's improved 16MP rear camera, it is capable of recording 4K video at 300 frames per second. It offers the word's fastest auto-focus speed up to 0.3 seconds. Now isn't that just amazing.

Okay, I know I said only 5 but I just had to add this one. :)

6. Ultra Power Saving Mode. 
This feature has saved me a couple of times. It not only supports regular low power mode preserving its battery power but it comes with the Ultra Power Saving feature extending your battery life. It changes the screen to black and white and shuts down all unnecessary features to minimize battery consumption. Samsung promises that with the 10% battery, the Galaxy S5 can last up to 12 hours to 24 hours depends how often you use if for calls and text. Great feature for those who's always on their mobile phones. 

Now with those features who wouldn't want one? Now let me give you 5 REASONS WHY SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 IS BEST MAXIMIZED WITH GLOBE 
1. Free SPOTIFY Premium 
For as low as P 1,699 monthly, Customers get FREE 6-months subscription to Spotify Premium. No network can offer this with all the music you want, not to mention FREE Calls and Text to all networks and surf to top speed with Globe's GoSurf data plan.

More info about Spotify here.

2. Free 1-month Gadget Care
The Free 1-month Gadget Care, users get to protect their gadget against theft and accidental damage plus coverage of up to P 10,000 bill protect.

3. Charge App Purchases to Bill. It allows you to download your favorite apps from the Samsung App Store online and do in-app purchases to be charged to your postpaid bill or will be deducted from the prepaid load of prepaid customers.

4. Flexible and full-customizable postpaid plans of your choice. Customers can get the Galaxy S5 for as low as P1,699 monthly at Globe mySUPERPLAN or P1,599 with P16,800 cash-out per year with the Galaxy Forever Plan which allows them to get the newest Galaxy smartphone every year.

5. Largest 4G network. Enjoy fast and seamless mobile Internet connectivity with the largest 4G network from Globe and growing LTE footprint nationwide.

For more information about the Galaxy Forever plan visit The Galaxy Forever plan will be available in Globe Stores nationwide or via the Globe Sales Hotline at 730-1010 from April 11-July 31, 2014.

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