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Another alcohol is set on the rise as the 28 year old Borgy Manotoc gives face to this Whisky that I'm talking about. It's BenMore Four Casts blended Scotch Whisky. As Borgy casually shared, he have had offers before in the past to endorse a coupe of alcohol beverages but he said that back then, it was pretty hard for him to endorse something that he doesn't like or he doesn't believe in. With BenMore now in the picture, I guess Borgy finally found something to represent. 

As the Maketing Manager and speakers of the event said to the media, just like the brand BENMORE, Borgy sumbolizes distinction, good taste, premium-ness, (if i may say) sexiness, attractiveness, a smart quality, boldness and quality. Those are numerous reasons why they picked Borgy as the Philippine Brand Ambassador, and I couldn't agree more. Had a few minute chat with the guy and he's not really hard to talk with. pretty down to earth and really nice. 

Well, just to give a brief background on the brand, BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky is produced and distilled in Scotland. This is the also made by DIAGEO, aleader in the liquor industry introducing popular brands such as Johnnie Walker, J & B, Jose Cuervo, etc. BenMore is a deluxe whisky putting attention to details as it matures in four different types of oak casks to achieve depth and complexity. Matching the standards of Whisky drinkers and scotch aroma, it also includes malt and peat aroma with a little hint of smokiness giving you that smooth scotch whisky experience.

The group also take pride both the bottle and the box for its embossed features with the iconic stag that symbolizes leadership, superiority and masculinity.

Benmore Four Casks offers an even more deluxe scotch whisky for a greater drinking experience with a moother an more complex whisky notes that can easily be enjoyed with friends for any occasion.

There are actually many types to drink BenMore:
1.) Straight or on the rocks
2.) With water
3.) With iced tea
4.) With cola
5.) With soda/ tonic

But the Craze now is with Iced Tea, Me? I like it on the rocks and mixing it up with iced tea.

Unlike most whiskies, BENMORE SCOTCH WHISKY is VERY AFFORDABLE at suggested retail price of only P 330.00 - 385.00 per 700ml bottle. (depending where you are in the country). It is now available on your liquor stores nationwide.

Bloggers enjoying the BenMore Whisky.

Visit more pictures here. They also raffled off some premium items and the BenMore Whisky, but too bad Not everyone had the chance to take home BenMore Whisky to everyone for us to try at home. Anyways, check out their website here to open this September. 

Thanks to Ruth of for the pic.

This is Mix and Borgy signing out!

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