The winner is here already! thank you Western Union for this awesome app and awesome contest! Winner is after the break! :)

Here is my previous post about the contest. http://mixofeverything.blogspot.com/2011/08/contest-mix-and-western-unions-your.html and here are the the people who submitted their entries!

14 Ruth Dela Cruz
13 Mhel BlankPixels Ignacio
12 Filomena Fallar
11 Dorothy Ababon
10 Colwin Tanhehco
9 Jeafel Jae
8 Aida Villanueva
7 Czaroma Roman
6 Jinkee Umali
5 Joan Macawili
4 Michelle OraƱa-Ame
3 Marissa Abello
2 Wesley Lim
1 Hana Abello

Everyone qualifies and was able to answer the question What are the 3 pages / section of westernunionworld.com?

Here is the winner! :) 
Apologies if it's kind of blur. But i hope you got it. :)

To the winner, you will receive a PM soon, on how to claim your prize. :)


This is mix signing out!

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