Astro and Orange BLOGGERS' BLOWOUT - Part 3: GADGETS


Get your tech on!!! get your tech on! Finally! the last part of the AstroVision/AstroPlus and Orange Magazine TV Bloggers'' Blowout is here. GADGETS! Now how many of you don't like gadgets? I am sure that even though you are not techie or something, at some point you were interested and somehow into these gadgets. Heck they are practically part of our daily routine now. Here we go!!!

Anyways, enough with the chit chats, here are the product presenters. :)
Philips / Audio Technica
Beats by Dr. Dre / Aerial 7 / Bose / IGo
Imation / TDK
Jays Earphones
WOW Magic Sing
Now, do those brands ring any well or does that sound a lot to you? I just want to wrap my arms around these babies. First up Pioneer, they are no stranger in music related gadgets. They have been around for a while and definitely one of the top brands. Pioneer's HDJ - 500 is around $99 in the market right now. It has a Refined Design for Maximum Comfort & Reliability and advanced sound quality. Other colors available like Black, and White

Next is the Audio-Technica. Showcasing their headphone product ATH-M50. Audio-Technica's flagship studiophones offer maximum isolation, an exceptionally natural response and very high SPL capabilities while maintaining clarity of sound throughout their extended range.Exceptional audio quality for professional monitoring and mixing. Has a collapsible design ideal for easy portability and convenient storage, Proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers with neodymium magnet systems, Closed-back cushioned earcup design creates an outstanding seal for maximum isolation, Adjustable padded headband for comfort during long mixing/recording sessions, Single-sided coiled cable terminates to gold-plated mini plug with screw-on ¼" adapter. If you didn't get that let me rephrase... In other words, kicks ass! :) Sound Isolation at it's best!

Next up? Monster.. and by that i mean the headphones that is now imitated and reproduced. The look and the endorsers. Beats™ by Dr. Dre™ Studio™ High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones. Artists and producers spend countless hours fine-tuning and mixing music to get it exactly how they want their fans to hear it. But the vast majority of headphones can’t accurately reproduce the intricacies produced in the studio. Simply put,Studios can. With precision-engineered, advanced speaker design, powered amplification, and powered noise cancellation, you hear music the way today’s top artists and producers want you to hear.


Next on the slot here Imation and TDK. Here they introduced Xtrememac 2.1 Bluetooth iPhone Sound System which can Wirelessly Transmit Music From iPhone To System, Includes Extra Dock To Charge Your iPhone, Enhanced & Customizable, It also has a WIFI, Includes Remote Control and playes MP3.

They also featured the TDK WR700 Wireless, Move without the limitations of a cord and still get the high fidelity, stereo sound you expect. Perfect for in-home use with stereo systems as well as mobile devices, simply plug the transmitter into your audio device and sync it with the headphones. Combined with dynamic channel selection, which minimizes “drops”, Kleer’s technology provides a superior listening experience. 


One of the freshest ear phones I've seen so far. So sleek in design and looks like bad ass. The Jays earphones.

t-JAYS have been specially developed to provide ultimate comfort whether you’re wearing your earphones for just an hour a day or using them to enjoy your music all day long. Month after month our reliable earphones will deliver a consistently high quality audio performance offering enhanced detail and a wide sound-stage; and all from a surprisingly slimline design. 

The combination of t-JAYS angled sound tube and flat design makes them one of the most comfortable and ergonomically dynamic earphones on the market despite boasting a large and powerful 10mm speaker. You can wear them in the standard earphone position or if you’re being more active, why not anchor them behind your ear. This, together with the option to split the cable from between 60cm and 130cm make them extremely versatile wherever they accompany you.

Fellow bloggers trying out the different products and winning stuffs during the raffle part. :)

Last on the lineup is Wow Magic Sing, who featured their latest song packs, promos and packages.

You can check out more pictures of the event here. The gadget part was kind of an information overload but it was like a heaven  of all the amazing products that AstroVision has to offer. Wide array of top of the line Gadgets, Music and Movies at an awesome price.

Thank you AstroVision for having these awesome gadgets in your store. Thanks to Orange Magazine TV for the invite and this awesome Bloggers' Blowout event. I look forward for more events from AstroVision and Orange Magazine TV.
Visit ASTROVISION at the 3rd flr. GREENBELT 5, MAKATI  Tel. 7299809 : 7299823 
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This is Mix signing out!

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