My Sandbox Adventure at Alviera

Summer is here and having fun with friends and family is the next thing that is happening. First time in this side of Pampanga, Porac...

Summer is here and having fun with friends and family is the next thing that is happening. First time in this side of Pampanga, Porac has this place now called SANDBOX ADVENTURE, located in the new Alviera township development. 

The place opened last April 12 and features lots of exciting attractions. Just like a sandbox the place is a playground for kids and kids at heart. The place will surely pump up its visitors & encourage its guests to get active and enjoy the great outdoors. 

They have some nice facilities at the place fun activities amplified by the scale of the facilities, and Alviera’s wide green plains. Like the Giant Swing, the Philippines’ tallest swing at 10-meters high. The Giant Swing takes up to two adult riders high into the air for an unforgettable and exhilarating swing.

And my view from the top.

and here's a video
The Sandbox is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For booking guidelines, visit the Alviera website at and on

Another high-flying experience comes from the one they call the 'Avatar' It is a One Roller Coaster Zipline, the ride that takes one zipping down roller-coaster style 180-meters down.
That one on the right is the Adventure Tower. It's a 15-meters of wall climbing fun, rappelling and free fall. One of the highest  point in the place which provides the best views of Alviera. 

We tried The Aerial Walk. Thought it was going to be easy at first, but it was quite challenging.
The Aerial Walk is a high rope adventure with the added challenge of being in an obstacle course. It also has three mini zip line as you reach the higher part of the challenge. You'd be amaze how they were able to put so much obstacle into this walk. Check out my photos during the rope challenge.

It is important that you follow their instructions regarding safety. They also wouldn't recommend that you have gadgets and other things in your pockets. I just managed to convince them its okay with me should anything happens to my phone. 

SandBox also offers ATV and mini-ATV rides. I think it costs around 2k. You might think that it is too high for an ATV rent but with that price they would take you around on a trail (not on that open ground) but down and around Porac, not just inside the Sandbox.

They also have this biking pump track. With Alviera's 5,000 sqm track, you'd definitely get pumped up.
They called it the pump track because as the riders do the pumping motion used by their body, they create momentum which keeps them going around the tracks. A nice training ground or simple play, and it is open for all types of bikes and skill level making it a suitable recreational activity for cyclists. I think you'd have to bring your own bike in this track.

Sandbox have some themed kiddie playground with picnic areas, mini-golf and camping sites. The place also have a big big wide open field space where hobbyists can gather for field sports and other outdoor pursuits like Frisbee, RC plane and car activities. The open field will also feature kite-flying and kite-making workshops this summer.

They also have an area where our Aeta brothers have an area to sell their goods. The photo below is an Aeta brother cooking rice using bamboo. Wasn't able to try the rice but they say that cooked rice using bamboo taste a lot better. Will definitely try that soon.

They also have a place there where the locals can sell goods and other local delicacies. I think that it is nice that Alviera is helping out the locals with their livelihood.

My SandBox experience gives one a taste of what’s to come upon the full development of Alviera. They say that they will soon have a commercial district, business and industrial park, university zones, retail centers, a country club, recreational areas and residential neighbourhoods. Now that is exciting. 

The Sandbox is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For booking guidelines, visit the Alviera website at and on

Check out more photos of my Alviera adventure here.

Oh and if you are planning to to Alviera, here's a map guide for you. 
Alviera is a 1,125-hectare property easily accessible from Porac exit (NLEX-SCTEX), and close to the Clark Airport and Subic Freeport. In time, the Alviera township will boast of open campuses for top-rated schools, its own commercial center, work spaces, a privately-managed transport system, hotel, country club and residential developments. Open spaces and recreational attractions will also be featured.

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