'The Dark Knight' Trilogy Ultimate Collectors Edition Box Set


Now this is something interesting to DC Batman fans out there. I saw at at the top most floor of Eastwood Mall the  booth of Magnavision and they are selling a 6-disc ultimate collectors edition of the Batman series. 

The first one is P5,500. It features 5 original farmable villain prints from  Mondi. It has a large 48-pag photo book of the trilogy with rate images. This set has the Nolan masterpieces Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark knight Rises.   

The much bigger one has 3 Batman vehicle toys in it! Pricey at P7,500! Although I'm not sure if this set is a Blu-ray set or what because it doesn't have any description on the box. The first one had a sticker description but not much details on the features of the DVD. 

The tree toy models of the Batman vehicles that comes in the collectors edition is the Tumbler, the Batpod and The Bat.

So... Those who want to have Nolan's Cape Crusader masterpiece at home, this one is for you. Only from Magnavision.

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