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Featured Coffee Blends of the Month! Brezza Blend and the VIA Iced Coffee

By April 21, 2014 , ,

The Starbucks Brezza Blend is an elegant blend that yields fresh herbal and sweet Meyer lemon flavor notes with a zesty acidity and light body. It is a medium roast, multi‐region coffee from Colombia, Papua New Guinea and East Africa. Retail price of this 250g coffee is ₱495. Around 20 cups of coffee on your regular coffee maker. 

Next is the Starbucks Via Iced Coffee. I am not really a fan of VIA but I think this one changed how I looked at the coffee sachet of Starbucks. The VIA Iced Coffee is made from 100% arabica beans from Latin America with a touch of cane sugar. Caramelly‐smooth with hints of citrus, lightly sweetened with a touch of cane sugar for a well‐balanced, refreshing finish. The 12 VIA sachet sells for ₱250. Not bad really if you think about it and did the math.

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