Featured Coffee Blends of the Month! Brezza Blend and the VIA Iced Coffee


The Starbucks Brezza Blend is an elegant blend that yields fresh herbal and sweet Meyer lemon flavor notes with a zesty acidity and light body. It is a medium roast, multi‐region coffee from Colombia, Papua New Guinea and East Africa. Retail price of this 250g coffee is ₱495. Around 20 cups of coffee on your regular coffee maker. 

Next is the Starbucks Via Iced Coffee. I am not really a fan of VIA but I think this one changed how I looked at the coffee sachet of Starbucks. The VIA Iced Coffee is made from 100% arabica beans from Latin America with a touch of cane sugar. Caramelly‐smooth with hints of citrus, lightly sweetened with a touch of cane sugar for a well‐balanced, refreshing finish. The 12 VIA sachet sells for ₱250. Not bad really if you think about it and did the math.

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