iLuv Neon Sound Earphones Quick Review


Okay, so I lost my original apple headphones and I was considering of buying an original apple headphone for my iPhone5, but then I saw this really cool iLuv headphones. I'm very picky in choosing stuff like these and since I can't really have a try or sample on the quality of this particular headphone, I just decided to go with this color, they have a couple of color combinations to choose from. 

I think the main purpose of this particular iLuv series the "Neon Sound" is to offer an alternative looking type of headphones, affordable but packing good sounds to it. Drifting away from the boring white and black colors, the Neon Sound series offers eight color combinations, including several bright neon shades to stand out from the crowd. Colors like Pink, Green, Orange and Light Blue. They also have the standard Black and White.

The iLuv Neon Sound earphones promises high-performance and I was anxious to try it. I was looking for an earphone that can I can use everyday, and I'll see how this one performs.

Looking at it and feeling the earphones, it seems to have a durable design. It has a remote that allows you to control the music that you play. You can change the volume and answer phone calls. Just like the apple earphones that I was planning to replace. 

My comment
The only difference is, that volume control that you see is a slide control and not a button press control. It also doesn't control the volume on your device. (in my case iPhone 5) This is something new to me, usually volumes of these headphones I press on some buttons. Sometimes it is hard to control the volume if you are not careful in sliding it up and down.

If you also notice, the cable for this headphone is flat. Tangle-resistant, great for music lovers who's always on-the-go.

The Neon Sound comes with noise-isolating ear tips in three different sizes for a customized fit.

Sound Review
Let's just say that for its price, one could not ask for a good looking and a more durable designed earphones. The Bass wasn't bad, the high was just right also. Overall, it performed well during the short burn-in and a couple of different music played. Although at some point during the testing, it sounded like some songs was coming from a hall.

I bought mine at an Allphones store for P 850.00. ($19.99) So, if you're in search of a stylish and decent earphone with that range in budget, I think it's safe to go with this one. (although others might argue) :)

Here are some of the features of the earphone.
- Built with high-performance speakers for excellent sound quality
- Control your music from iPad, iPhone4, iPhone 3GS or iPod with in-line remote
- Bult-in microphone for hands-free, voice control, and recording voice memos
- Supports VoiceOver feature on your iPod shuffle 3rd and 4th generation
- Control your music from iTunes with in-line remote
- VolP call/chat with built-in microphone via Skype, Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
- Tangle-free, ultra-flexible cable

Oh and the cables are not glow-in-the-dark. :) If you have the same earphones, hit the comments below and let me know how what you think of it. :)

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  1. Yea. I too purchased them recently. Not bad actually. I didnt have the all black version so bought the light blue ones to have a decent color with me. Your review is a good support to what was going on in my mind.

  2. Hi, what do you mean with "It also doesnt control the volume on your device..."? What does that slide do?

    1. Hi Javier! I think I meant that the slide controls the volume via the headphones but doesn't adjust the master volume on the device.

      Don't get me wrong, the volume goes down but it doesn't affect the master volume of the device. :)

      I hope that made sense. :)

    2. Ok, I supposed it worked that way. Thanks for your confirmation! :)

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