WYP Bar: Poblacion's Tiki Paradise with Unforgettable Cocktails (Cointreau & Remy Martin Favorites!)

Dive into WYP Bar, Poblacion's hidden gem! Discover tiki cocktails, DJ nights, and a vibrant atmosphere perfect for a memorable night out.
Nestled amidst the bustling streets of Poblacion, Makati, lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered: WYP Bar (What's Your Poison?). This tropical oasis offers a unique nightlife experience that blends captivating cocktails, vibrant energy, and a touch of exclusivity.
Escape to Paradise
As you step through WYP's doors, the city fades away, replaced by an exotic paradise. Vibrant murals, tiki-themed decor, and an overall Instagram-worthy ambiance transport you to a world of island vibes. Whether you're a local resident or a traveler seeking adventure, WYP's friendly atmosphere welcomes you with open arms.
The Art of the Cocktail
At the heart of WYP's magic lies their delectable cocktail menu. Their signature concoction, the Hubugka, made with coconut rum, perfectly embodies the spirit of the tropics. But WYP offers more than just island-inspired drinks. Their extensive selection of spirits caters to every taste, and their bartenders are true mixology masters. Be sure to ask about their most requested cocktails, featuring Cointreau for a refreshing citrus twist or Remy Martin for a touch of sophisticated elegance.
More Than Just Drinks
The excitement at WYP goes beyond the drinks menu. Every night offers a unique experience, with themed events like Drag Shows and Trivia Nights keeping things fresh and engaging. For those seeking an intimate gathering, the Lihim Lounge provides a secluded haven amidst the lively crowd.
Memories Made, Friendships Forged
WYP isn't just a bar; it's a place where memories are made. They offer a capacity of up to 60 guests, making it ideal for private events. Their dedicated team ensures every detail is taken care of, guaranteeing a successful and unforgettable gathering.
Your Poblacion Nightlife Adventure Awaits
So, the next time you find yourself exploring Poblacion, don't miss the chance to discover WYP Bar. With its captivating cocktails, vibrant atmosphere, and exciting events, WYP promises a night like no other. Let loose, indulge in tiki-inspired delights, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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