Insta360 X4: The New 8K 360-Degree Action Camera

Unleash your creativity with the Insta360 X4, the new 8K 360-degree action camera. It features an invisible selfie stick, a detachable lens guard, a long-lasting battery, and more. 
The wait is over! The highly-anticipated Insta360 X4 is finally here, bringing a whole new level of image quality and creative possibilities to the world of action cameras. With its groundbreaking 8K resolution, the X4 lets you capture every detail of your adventures in stunning clarity.

Unveiling the Power of 8K
The Insta360 X4 boasts the highest resolution ever seen in a 360 camera, it captures footage in a jaw-dropping 8K at 30fps!!! This means that users will get unbelievably crisp visuals, allowing you to zoom in on any part of your 360-degree videos and maintain exceptional image quality. Imagine reliving your adventures with such detail that you can spot faraway landmarks or even read distant signs – the Insta360 X4 makes it possible.
Beyond 8K: A Range of Stunning Video Options
Now I know that 4K was just a few years ago, here comes the next level of resolution in a 360 camera. While we all see in those ads that the brand highlights its 8K capabilities, the X4 offers a range of other impressive video options to suit your needs:
  • 5.7K at 60fps: Ideal for capturing smooth, action-packed moments. Maybe you're biking downhill, or surfing. Of course, the main rule here is, that the higher the frame rate, the higher it ensures your video playback without lags or choppiness, even when users are recording at fast-paced scenes.
  • Cinematic 4K at 100fps: This new setting is perfect for creating slow-motion sequences that add a dramatic touch to your footage. Slow down those epic jumps or breathtaking dives and savor every detail in stunning slow motion.
  • 72MP PureShot Photos: Don't just capture videos; capture stunning high-resolution stills with the X4's 72MP PureShot photos. This mode is ideal for freezing those once-in-a-lifetime moments in incredible detail, perfect for creating lasting memories.
Two Cameras in One: Versatility at Your Fingertips
The X4's versatility doesn't stop with its range of video resolutions. It functions as two cameras in one. What??! When you need to capture traditional wide-angle action camera footage, simply switch to Single-Lens Mode. This mode now supports recording at up to 4K60fps!! providing excellent image quality for capturing fast-paced action without sacrificing any detail. So, whether you're simply navigating the city on your bike, on skates, shredding the slopes, or some water sports activities like kayaking down a river, the Insta360 X4 can definitely handle it all.

Shoot First, Frame Later: The Magic of Reframing
One of the biggest advantages of 360-degree cameras is the ability to choose the best framing for your shots even after you've recorded them. With traditional cameras, what you see through the viewfinder is what you get. The X4 eliminates this limitation. Thanks to the magic of 360° capture and the Insta360 app's AI-powered reframing tools, you can simply hit record and capture everything around you. 

Later, you can explore the footage and choose the perfect framing that will best tell your story. Imagine this, capturing a group of friends hiking and then, during editing, being able to switch between highlighting everyone in the group or focusing on a single person's view giving you that creative freedom.
Capture Impossible Third-Person Views with the Invisible Selfie Stick
Have you ever wondered sometimes how action-packed scenes are sometimes shot by creators when they're going so fast and sometimes in tight spaces like a movie? Well, the Insta360 X4 introduces the innovative Invisible Selfie Stick. This magic wand automatically disappears in your footage during post-production, allowing you to capture incredible third-person shots and drone-like angles that were previously impossible with other action cameras. Like what other creators say, "No Drone, No Problem!" Insta360 has got you covered. 

Let's say for example you're filming yourself going down on a trail, biking or cycling using the Insta360 X4 with the Invisible Selfie Stick, when you're in the video editing, it will appear as if a drone is following you, capturing the entire scene. This will open up a world of creative possibilities for solo adventures or showcasing your skills in action sports and adventure. 

Rugged and Ready for Anything: Built to Withstand Your Adventures
The X4 isn't just powerful; it's built to endure. The perfect companion for your active lifestyle, the X4 is built for adventure. It's waterproof up to 10 meters (33ft) and can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, travel blogger, or simply love capturing life's moments, the X4 is the perfect companion. The new, removable Lens Guards provide added protection for your camera, and can be easily replaced if needed. 
Effortless Editing with AI Power
The Insta360 editing suite caters to creators of all levels. Forget tedious manual editing on your laptop or computer! With the X4, you can choose from:
  • One-tap AI Editing: Let the camera's AI do the work for you with a single tap.
  • Quick Edit (formerly Snap Wizard): Reframe your 360° footage with ease using your phone or a virtual joystick. Simple and intuitive, it's like playing a game!
  • AI Edit: Sit back and relax while the AI intelligently reframes your footage, now with improved subject detection for even better results.
Additional Features:
  • 4K Wide-Angle Video: Capture stunning traditional wide-angle footage in addition to the 360° mode.
  • 135 Minutes of Shooting:** The X4's powerful battery keeps you recording for extended periods.
  • Detachable Lens Guard: Offers protection and easy cleaning.
  • Image Stabilization: Enjoy smooth, stabilized footage even in action-packed scenarios.
The Insta360 X4 is available for purchase worldwide starting April 16th, 2024, at a price of US$499.99 or PHP 30,990. Head over to the Insta360 Official Store to learn more and order yours today!

Will be sharing more info about the Insta360 X4 in my next posts, to share more clips and talk about the accessories. 

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