BEVI Celebrates 18 Years of Blooming Beauty Innovations

BEVI (Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc.), a leading Philippine beauty and skincare company, is celebrating its 18th anniversary! On Tuesday, April 16, 2024, they commemorated their journey of remarkable growth and achievement at a grand event held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.
It was indeed a blooming and enchanting night for everyone, everything was full and covered with flowers - it was like I was entering a fantasy movie. Every performance is connected and is all about blossoming into something beautiful. This extravagant event just proves how BEVI takes care of their clients and supporters - by making sure that they provide high quality and top-tier service.
BEVI made a splash in the market in 2006 by being the first company to introduce kojic acid or as we all know "Kojie San" to the Philippines. This innovative move set the stage for their continued success. Determined to expand and solidify their position, BEVI diversified their product line, offering high-quality beauty products that go beyond just skincare.
As I listened to the story of the company, I was truly amazed by the dedication and determination of Jazz Burilia, the owner and founder of the soap brand. Driven by a commitment to innovation and exceptional quality, BEVI blossomed into a multi-brand company catering to a diverse spectrum of beauty needs. Their philosophy is perfectly captured by their celebratory theme, "Born to Bloom." This motto reflects not just their origin story, but also their continuous growth and expansion beyond the realm of skincare. 
Today, BEVI offers a comprehensive range of beauty solutions across various categories, ensuring Filipinos have access to trusted and effective products under their trusted brand umbrella.

From their initial focus on skincare to their current expansion into various beauty categories, BEVI remains dedicated to providing Filipinos with high-quality and effective products. Their commitment to innovation ensures they stay at the forefront of the industry, constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Eighteen years is a testament to BEVI's commitment to providing Filipinos with effective and trusted beauty solutions. As they step into their prime, we can only expect even more exciting developments and innovations from this leading Philippine beauty brand.
Congratulations to BEVI on this momentous milestone! We look forward to seeing what exciting developments they bring to the Philippine beauty industry in the years to come.

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