HERE WeGo Map, is now Available in Huawei AppGallery - Google Maps alternative,

Google Maps dependent people rejoice! You can now rest your worries as the proposed deal between Huawei and mapping giant TomTom before has pushed through and is now available on Huawei's AppGallery.

Releasing the HERE WeGo maps and navigation and now ready for download is Huawei's alternative to Google Maps. Now if you're not familiar with TomTom, you may have used it one way or the other. Navteq in the 80s. OVI then Nokia Maps, then Windows phones, and then used by auto manufacturers BMW and Audi for their in-car navigation.

The deal is a big win for Huawei as the HERE WeGo is positioned to deliver leading navigation services. Especially to those who use their smartphones to navigate their way around. What's cool about this also is that it is available offline.
So I've tried the app and noticed that there are some significant differences from the usual navigation map. Here, we can see three-dimensional structures on the maps. It has some layers, soo, HERE said that there will be more information and insights. The company says “We are looking beyond. From autonomous driving, to the Internet of Things, we are building the future of location technology through strategic partnerships. Together we’re building open solutions for the future.”

The HERE WeGo app is free at the AppGallery aims to make the city navigation effortless may it be a need for a taxi, public transportation or drive on your own. It gives detailed routes, turn-by-turn guidance, and information about every way to get around. Running GPS in the background for long periods can really decrease battery life, so you can reduce your battery usage by saving maps to your phone ahead of time.

In case not known to many, research has been done and HERE Technologies placed as the number one pick for location services beating Google. Continuing to emerge as the world's leading and most comprehensive location platform.
Now that there's a credible and recommended alternative to the navigation service for Huawei, how  do you think Google will play its cards now that the third-largest smartphone manufacturer has a better mapping system as a replacement. As to how deep the collaboration of Huawei and HERE Technologies is? we don't know for now. But if it's to replace Google Maps, then I guess we can be expecting more from this.

If you want to know more about the Huawei AppGallery you can check out our previous post below.

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