Vivo V23 5G Camera Test

Ladies and gents, Vivo has recently released a new phone, and it's set to take your vlogging dreams to the next level. The V23 Series features a front camera that has a 50MP Autofocus Front Vlog Camera capturing clear and natural-looking selfies and videos. It also has an 8MP Super-Wide Angle Camera to fit several people in the group photos.

One of the features of the Vivo V23 5G that makes it looks so good is the Dual Tone Spotlight where two flashes beside the camera light up to give better lighting on dimmed scenarios.

Vivo's custom 50MP JNV with ISOCELL 3.0 (pixel isolation technology) gives you stunning details and colors in every photo.

The real camera of course will be left behind. It has a 64MP Auto-Focus Rear Bokeh Flare Portrait Camera that is ideal for scenery shots. With the built-in customized JNV Sensor Chip, photos and videos will look crystal clear even in dim environments.

Here are some photos from the rear cam.

Now, a vlogging phone will not be a legit vlogging phone if it doesn't have enough memory. The V23 Series has some large memory space and processing power. It has 12GB + 256GB RAM with Extended 4GB RAM which ensures enough space for media as well as power! 

From my tests, it seems it can handle multiple applications while working simultaneously. It handles app switches and tasks effortlessly. Here's a video I edited from Vivo's editor which is already embedded in the edit function inside the gallery. I used the front and rear cameras on this one.
There's also this cool function of the Vivo V23 5G which is the Dual View feature where it can show you what's in front of you and yourself which is a feature that is perfect for vlogging.
Make sure you check out the vlog to see that actual quality and clip. Check it out down below.

Aside from the packed camera specs, they also have some really nice features inside the camera settings. Some light paintings, filters, split screens, portrait option,s and double exposure feature gives you some nice creative executions. Check this out.

Sharing more photos below.
Wide-angle shot

64MP shot

50MP Selfie shot
50MP Selfie with Dual Tone

Rear Camera shot

If you want to know more, visit the vlog (Myke Soon - YouTube) for more info and the blog feature right here Vivo V23 5G Unboxing & Initial Review - Blog for Tech & Lifestyle (

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  1. One of the best camera phones released by Vivo. I was amazed by the picture quality of this phone for the first time. Thank you so much for sharing this article.

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