Vivo V23 5G Unboxing & Initial Review

Vivo has recently launched their latest smartphone, the Vivo V23 5G. Here at the blog, we are going to check this phone out on its design, camera & performance. Vivo is marketing this as the best vlogging phone and let's see if it passes our tests.

Inside the box, you actually get a lot of items. You get the phone, a free headset, USB cable, charger, 3.5mm earphone jack, free phone case, eject tool, the protective film that is already applied, and of course the documentation.

BTW there are two variants/colors of this phone, this is the stardust black. But before we talk about this, let’s talk about the other color. This is the Sunshine Gold. The first phone has a color-changing glass feature at the back.
This is the Photochromatic technology, which allows the back cover to change in color under UV light, from Sunshine Gold it turns into Coast Green. Color-Changing Glass is available on the Sunshine Gold edition only.

This one right here is the Stardust Black, while it doesn’t have that color-changing feature, it does have a dazzling effect in blue. It has that nice smooth feel at the back too!

Now just look at that craftsmanship. It has a layer of crystal along with the fluorite AG glass and shines at different angles of the light. It’s thin at 1.39mm finished with special aviation aluminum. Beautiful and comfortable to hold.
At the back you can’t miss that 3 cameras. On top is the 8MP 120° super wide-angle camera, followed by the 64MP Auto Focus Portrait Camera, delivering stunning image quality for people & scenic shots. Same lens also for the Night shots. And the 2MP super Macro Camera. It also has an LED flash that is bright enough to light up any situation.
Of course, we all know that Vivo smartphone is known for its selfie cameras so, this one, will not be different. The Vivo V23 5G has an industry-leading 50MP Autofocus Front Vlog Camera which can capture clear videos and selfies. The 8MP Super Wider Camera in the front ensures that more people can fit in one shoot. What’s cool about the selfie cam also is the Dual Tone Spotlight with lots of camera modes.
The video quality of the selfie camera is so clear and nice at the 4K quality. Can only be up to 30fps, but I think it’s good enough. If you want 60fps, you would have to choose the 1080p. The dual view which is a feature I am liking only has FHD at 1080p. You can choose different kinds of settings here also. Round, square, heart or adjust to split the whole screen into two to your liking. Check out the vlog to watch the sample clip. You can check out my IG reels to check out the videos I took using the vivo V23 5G. Myke Soon (@mykesoon) • Instagram photos and videos

The display is a 6.44 inch AMOLED screen with capacitive multi-touch that has 2404 x 1080 resolution (FHD+). The display also has an In-Display Fingerprint Scanning with a 90Hz Refresh rate screen. Great for games and eliminates lag.
With the special aluminum alloy material, the smartphone is cooler. Even with 8-10 rounds straight on games, it doesn’t overheat even in high settings. With the HDR 10+, each scene retains and preserves the details and brightness.
The vivo V23 is powered by Android 12 and has the Funtouch OS 12 allowing you to customize the features and widgets according to your preference.
The phone also supports Dual nano sim which can be found at the bottom. Also beside that slot is the only speaker the phone has. I was surprised that they only provided one speaker output. I guess it’s okay, since most of us already have earbuds or headphones to use when we do meetings or watch movies. For gaming, the position of the speaker doesn’t really block the sounds when I play, as long as you don’t turn it the other way. Oh and this one doesn’t have any 3.5mm jack also if you noticed. You may use the adapter that comes with the box.
The vivo V23 5G is made to perform with the Dual-Mode 5G to give you that enhanced performance. With MediaTek Dimensity 920, the phone has 8 core CPU, 4 core GPU and 4K at 30FPS. The battery of this is only 4200mAh, which drains quite fast for me because I am now playing a lot of Wildrift rounds lately but it’s okay because this one has a fast-charging feature at 44W.

Available in 12GB RAM + 256GB storage with extended 4GB RAM making sure you have enough space for media and power to handle multiple applications simultaneously with ease. The Vivo V23 5G is priced at P 27,999.
Now with all of the details, I shared with you, would this pass as the best vlogging phone within its price point? I think it hits the mark. As a guy on the internet trying to create videos, or to others who are just starting up and want to try out vlogging, they can appreciate the many features that the V23 5G has.

It has that dual-tone spotlight to give you proper lighting on your videos when you do your vlogs. The industry-leading 50MP AF front camera with 4K support and many cameras features already embedded in the phone.
But what do you think of the vivo V23 5G? Is this Let me know down at the comment section and which feature did you like best. 

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