Special Deals from Uni-Care at Shopee's first mega-sale of the year, 3.15 Consumer Day!


Safety is of the utmost importance when taking care of our precious ones and making sure they are comfortable also gives us that sense of comfort and ease. 

One brand that has taken my notice is Uni-Care. A young brand that is a manufacturing and distributing company producing a variety of paper-based and household products. Uni-Care specializes in Adult Care, Bath Care, and Personal Care Products. 

This 3.15 Consumer Day, ensure a safe and comfortable playtime anytime and anywhere with special deals from Uni-Care at Shopee.

Here are my recommended items you can score at really good deals.

UniLove Unscented Baby Wipes 100's

Wipe it anywhere needed to clean. It's a multi-purpose product. Contains the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin and Vitamin E. It is natural, mild and effective cleansing for your baby's delicate skin and prevents rashes. It is also proved to have thicker and softer fabric thank any ordinary wipes. It is suitable for hands, face and body and for happy area. 

UniLove Unscented Baby Wipes 100's contains 6 Packs of Uni-Love Unscented Baby Wipes 100's 

UniLove Airpro Baby Diaper 30's

Here's something for the parents and young ones. UniLove Airpro Baby Diaper 30's has Super absorbent core, keeping your babies' skin comfortable and dry. Its ultrasoft top sheet will surely reduce skin friction and nappy rash. Get it here.

UniLove Baby Laundry Detergent

Feel fresh and protected with Uni-love Baby Laundry Detergent. It is made of natural ingredients, and essential oil, making it best for sensitive skin.

Parents can enjoy up to 50% off at Uni-care's Official Shopee Store from March 3 - March 15

Celebrate you and treat yourself with your favorite brands at Shopee's 3.15 Consumer Day. From March 3 to March 15, check the Shopee app and enjoy an all-out shopping experience with deals and discounts such as ₱0 min. spend,  ₱1 Deals, and 10% off daily. 

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