One Weekend with the Ford Territory


Weekends are for the family, that's what I always say. I always reserve these days to spend time with them may it be a dinner out or going out of town. Recently, with the alert level at its lowest since we can remember, I decided to surprise the family to take them somewhere nice to relax and spend the weekend somewhere new. They haven't been to Pico yet so I thought of taking them there.

While our sedan can take us there and do its job, it might not be comfortable with the semi-long drive and the stuff that we are bringing. There are 4 adults, Me and my wife, my senior mom and dad, and 2 kids. Imagine that. 

Luckily I was able to ask if I can test drive the new Ford Territory, I've always wanted to try this compact SUV since I heard lots of amazing feedback and reviews of the vehicle. The Ford Territory packs so many features in its compact body that I can't even keep track of it all.

Versatility, practicality, driving performance, and value for money. Those are what buyers of the Ford Territory like in this car. Here at the blog, we will test and see if this car is also good not just for individuals and couples but also for the family.

Ford Territory made its presence when it launched last year. It combines design, technology and functionality making this the perfect first and/or next car for young professionals. 

Here is a photo of us, with my mom sleeping behind me.

Here are my personal reasons why I am loving the Ford Territory:

1. 360 Degree Around View Monitor.

Not that I needed one on my old sedan, but having one makes driving more convenient and less stressful. It is significantly bigger than my car because I had a bit of a challenge taking it down and taking it out of our building garage. I am super thankful to have the 360 Degree Around View Monitor, especially when parking and moving on tight spaces. This is definitely appreciated! I think that once you get used to this, you wouldn't want to go back to not having this.

2. Infotainment System

This is the 10-inch touch screen system that lets you control the audio, air-con, ambient lighting, other settings and so much more. This is the place where you can also see your surroundings and know where a vehicle is detected. Really convenient and easy to use. You can divide it evenly into 4 screens to have a better view of all the settings.

3. Panoramic Moonroof

The Panoramic Moonroof is a really nice feature that I use and make sure I maximize whenever I drive the car. Riley seems to like it a lot and like any other kids and the kid inside us, we want to take our head out and feel the sun breeze on our faces. This feature really takes the experience to the next level. It let's the natural light in the car with just a simple press of a button.
4. Interiors
The interior details have so much stuff going on and in a good way. There's leather, plastic, and wood trim. Seats are upholstered in dark-colored leather and plastic. The look and design are modern and really break the traditional dashboard executions. You will find buttons and switches that are conveniently placed and even a dial that also controls your infotainment screen and audio. 

The back seats of the Territory are spacious and have some amenities too like a share of the panoramic moonroof. Rear AC vents with USB charging ports for smartphones and other gadgets. The cargo space

5. Safety
The Territory is pretty much packed with safety features. Airbags, ABS with EBD, traction control, uphill assist with the Bling Spot Information System (BLIS) which alerts the driver when a vehicle is detected alongside and difficult to see in a blind spot. There's an indicator light in the side-view mirror when there's a vehicle is detected. 
Of course, these are not just the things I liked, but it's the combination of the whole experience of the car. I mean, it just looks so damn beautiful! From the design of the car, down to the details and thoughtful features making the experience more than what one could be paying for.

Overall the experience with the Ford Territory was nothing short of amazing. I love the cruise control, the power, and the convenience of driving one. Certainly one of the top Ford models on my list. I think that this car is great may it be for the daily commute, travels or short leisure trips, either work or personal, you can definitely own every driving moment with the Ford Territory and its features. 
I may not even have scratched the surface yet with these features I mentioned because there are a lot!  But another thing I can share with the Ford Territory is the affordable price tag. The Ford Territory is priced from Php 1.2 - 1.3M. 

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