Sunnies Studios' new Anti-Rad styles a one-day exclusive this March 20!

Grab Sunnies Studios' new Anti-Rad styles made from sustainable materials on Shopee, a one-day exclusive this March 20!

In 2021, Sunnies Studios pledged to stop the use of virgin plastic and apply recyclable and renewable materials where we can. This means that all new products from Sunnies Studios are made with either biodegradable acetate, recycled polyester, or plant-based plastic.

That way, Sunnies Studios is able to minimize our environmental impact (reduced plastic waste, minimized carbon footprint, less-fossil-based materials) while still offering the same quality frames our customers have come to love over the years.

As of today, Sunnies shares that 77% of new developments are already made from responsible materials. There’s still a long way to go but they're set on making bolder moves to improve their products for you and for our planet.
Sunnies also introduces the Anti-Rad Eyewear. The glasses you will need for daily blue light protection. 97% of users agree Anti-Rad is effective in blocking blue light to reduce eye strain and other screen-related problems
Here are the benefits of using the Anti-Rad Eyewear. 
• Prevents eye strain
• Reduces headaches
• Enhances focus
• Promotes better sleep

Every Anti-Rad eyewear has the following key features as well. 
• Multi-coated lenses for maximum blue light protection
• Anti-reflective coating to minimize screen glare
• With UV420 for added sun protection
• Grab and go, no prescription needed

These glasses were made for kids and adults who use their gadgets for most of the day. Those who are working at home, or online class, some mobile phone browsing, watch television, or even gaming. Can also be used event when they're not in front of their screens since it has UV protection. 

What's nice is that the colorways are neutral and classic so they can complement your outfit/look. Of course, they are made better because of introduce recycled polyester. Today, Sunnies studios introduces 4 new styles + additional colorways that have been made with sustainable materials. They have the same effective technology and these new styles are exclusively available in Shopee. 


• New Styles: Chiyo and Dmitri
• New colors of Anti-Rad bestsellers: Yann and Yoji
• New Colors: Greens (Olive and Pine)
• Made from Recycled Polyester: uses existing plastics, such as water bottles to prevent our landfills from filling up and it reduces emissions from incinerators
• Exclusively available on Shopee only on March 20

YANN Pine -


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