Switch up your wardrobe with colors inspired by vivo Y73’s Diamond Flare and Roman Black

Show off each outfit by taking photos with the vivo Y73 and its 64MP AI Rear Camera
Bold and elegant hues have taken fashion, as well as smartphone design, by storm this year. Now, people are looking for ways to mix and match both aspects for their everyday wear.

With new phones like the vivo Y73, which comes in iridescent Diamond Flare and sleek Roman Black colorways, it’s inevitable for people to feel inspired by its versatile design. These also resemble popular color trends seen on recent runway shows.

They can also take highly detailed shots of their outfits for their style diaries afterwards with the 64MP AI Rear Camera and 4K Video. Additionally, the EIS Video feature lets users take clear moving shots, while the AI Super Night Mode and HD Supernight Selfie lets them take vibrant photos even at night.

Whether they’re vibrant pantsuits or black silk crepe dresses, here’s how bright and luxe colors dominated the runways.

Seeing purple
Italian fashion house Valentino made a statement with their all-purple runway at Paris Fashion Week. The collection consisted of silk shirts, floral kimonos, and flowy dresses perfect for the summer season. Stand out in the crowd and incorporate this shade to everyday wear and business clothes.

Y73 camera tip: Coordinate outfits with the Y73 Diamond Flare colorway, and show off the pairing with a mirror selfies. Make the colors pop by adjusting the photo or video’s brightness and contrast in the phone’s editing software.

Gold on black
Schiaparelli is well-known for its elegant, eccentric fashion – and they brought just that to Paris. Their couture collection showcased suits with oversized shoulder pads, asymmetrical dresses, and gowns with exaggerated accessories. Despite being a mostly black-and-white collection, the pieces also had gold accents for the additional shimmer.

Y73 camera tip: At night, make black ensembles shine through with the Y73’s AI Super Night Mode, which will ensure that subjects will look more vibrant even in dim lighting.

Cutting edge
Hermès wanted to highlight women’s power and femininity with their fall 2022 collection. Form-hugging leather and flowy neutral fabrics stood out in the collection, with models strutting the runway in suits, formal coats, and short dresses – all pieces one can pull off daily and on special occasions.

Y73 camera tip: It can be difficult to make black and neutrals stand out in photos. But with HD quality photos and 4K Video, one can make small details, like prints and texture in fabric, appear clearly in shots. The large 6.44 inch AMOLED Display also allows users to see media bigger when editing.

Whimsical wedding
Italian fashion house Blumarine presented a wide range of fun womenswear for their Paris show. From elegant black dresses with trench coats to sultry pastel mini-dresses, the runway looked like a fun wedding party with models also wearing veils and stockings of varying colors. If anyone’s looking for elegant and colorful wedding attire, take inspiration from Blumarine.

Y73 camera tip: Play around with dresses’ flowy movement with the Y73’s slow-motion feature to add some drama to one’s style diary, making it more dynamic and eye-catching than regular OOTD videos. They can splice together slow-mo videos to flaunt their outfits.

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