Why Black Will Always be a Smart Home Renovation Color Idea

“You can have any color, as long as it’s black.” - Henry Ford
Ask any person from any creative industry about the power of the color black and you can expect a stream of answers that sings praises to this hue. Whether it’s in fashion, beauty, or the arts, nobody can deny that black will always have its iconic place in terms of creative application thanks to its effortless elegance, sophistication, and simplicity.

Of course, this applies to interior design, too. While some may feel intimated to use the color to dress up their homes, it’s actually a foolproof hue to try as long as you stick to practical applications. Read on below to know all the reasons why black is always a good idea for your home.

It is easier to manage and apply.
So many people are afraid of using black because of its boldness, but it actually is easier to use in interior design because it can effortlessly tie up a space without any other need fo additional bells and whistles. Consider this: what do you think is easier to manage? A black and white kitchen or one that has multiple colors in it? With black, your margin for error is lesser because you don’t have to tinker with too many elements just to incite visual impact.

It adds classy drama anywhere.
Black is the perfect choice of color if you’re going after minimalist interiors because of its natural elegance and sophistication. Whether you use it on bigger parts of a space or just add it as accent, anything in this color can effortlessly add drama on anything without bordering on flashy and loud.

It can add depth to your space.
Are you working with a limited area but want to make the most out of its design? Adding hints of black can trick the eyes into adding depth of space and focus because it absorbs light rather than reflect it. Applying this color is ideal if there is a particular wall, area, or even accent in your home that you want the eyes to automatically go to.

It’s the perfect ‘anti-hero’ color to white.
Yes, white is the perfect hue to go for if you want something simple, uncluttered but let’s admit it. It can easily get boring if you don’t accessorize it well. Black, on the other hand, can be overwhelming if you use it to the extremes, but together, these two colors can create the best aesthetic that hits the sweet spot between minimalist and impressive. The key is to strike the right balance between them to nail that polished, sophisticated look.
Minimal effort, maximum impact
Do you want an easy way to add a touch of drama in your home with minimal effort? Accenting your place with black is the best way to go. Take for example your kitchen. We all know this part of the home can sometimes be hard to manage because the activities that we do here can easily get messy, so it is the perfect place to accentuate with black home essentials that you wouldn’t have a hard time maintaining visually. Not to mention, using the color black is always classy and bold, and who doesn’t want to spend time on a place that is pleasing to the eyes, right?

When laid out well, the kitchen can also be one of the most comforting places in a house, especially so if you create a special corner in it, like a coffee nook. The key here is to look for the perfect pieces that you can use to dress up the space. Take for example the special Breville Black Sesame Barista Express. Sophisticated and elegant, this limited edition variation of the best-selling espresso machine combines the quality features that the premier home lifestyle brand is known for together with top-tier aesthetic that can elevate your coffee corner.

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