[Travel] Airbnb, a one-of-a-kind experience!

Ever felt you need a break and just want to get away for a quick leisure trip? 
First of all, yes you need one. We all do. After what we've all been through, I felt that it was due and the family felt it too. That's why when the situation got better, I made sure to take the family out and surprise them with a quick leisure trip.

So with that idea, I go to www.airbnb.com to check my options on different locations. I have a couple of requirements in mind to make sure that it's not too adventurous and has to be relaxed since we're a traveling family. It has to have air-conditioning, a pool, but preferably a beach because my kid hasn't experienced the beach yet. Available parking, having wi-fi connection is a major bonus and an entire place that can accommodate the 6 of us. That's me and my wife, 2 kids that are 6 years old and a 1-year-old plus two seniors who are my mom and dad. 
That's what I liked about the Airbnb site. you can easily screen according to your preference and price. I mean we can also get that in a hotel booking platform but there you would have to pay for each room, and what I liked about Airbnb stays is that you get to book for the whole place for yourself and it can accommodate more people compared to just a regular hotel room. What's even greater in booking Airbnb rooms is that you get to experience it like a local or in our case, an apartment owner inside Pico de Loro.

I made sure that I was able to book on my preferred date and chose a host that is a Superhost and with Enhanced Clean Badge to ensure our booking and safety.

The booking experience was 'super'! Mary Anne was very easy to talk to and initiates communication and proper coordination. Me being too busy and all over the place, she never forgets to remind me of the stuff I need to submit prior to our stay. Since her place was inside private property and with strict security, she made sure I am accommodated and assisted. The Superhost Mary Anne was also kind enough to answer many of my queries.

The Enhanced Cleaning Protocol was introduced last June 2021. This is the first overarching standardized guidelines for cleaning and sanitization in the home-sharing industry. Endorsed by the World Travel and Tourism Council and developed based on guidance from the World Health Organization, the protocol helps guide Hosts across the Philippines in providing safer and cleaner accommodation for guests.

Not all Airbnb's have amenities or services you might find in a hotel, but a lot of Airbnb stays have pretty much everything you would need. In our case, we have a pretty good functional kitchen with a stove, microwave, and other kitchen utensils and tools needed. The place that we rented also provided water with a water dispenser that has a hot and cold option which was pretty cool. 

Here's a photo of the place Superhost Mary Anne has. Click this link to book.

It was clean and had enough space for 4 adults and 2 kids. Actually, the place was just good for 5 people but Mary Anne was able to have it approved. While it may look like it couldn't fit, it did. It looked like this when set up properly. We even requested an extra mat for me to set up on the floor at night for a more comfortable sleep. You can check out and book Mary Anne's place right here.

What I liked about this experience is that we as a family get to experience Mary Anne's place and the property like owners of units inside Pico de Loro. We got to go around, spend time at the beach, go to the pool and have fun. Check out some photos we took while enjoying the place.

The booking and process in securing a room at an Airbnb unit that you like are as smooth as butter and secured. If there would be any concerns, your Airbnb Superhost will surely assist you, like the one when we had to wait and lineup at the registration area. I mean this was the standard procedure of Pico de Loro and the Airbnb host had no control over it but she extended assistance. I guess there were a lot of people at the registration because, like me, they also thought of relaxing over the long weekend.

So if you guys experience anything like this, make sure you communicate with the host. Do your research and always be ready and carry a positive attitude to start that stay on a positive note.
There are a lot of other adventures and places to explore with your loved ones out there. May it be for a quick vacation outside the city, a couple's getaway or a family farm stay you will find your much-needed escape and relaxation with Airbnb. Not only will you get to travel and explore but also experience a trip that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable.

There's an Airbnb stay for everyone, so start exploring. Visit www.airbnb.com for your next adventure.

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