Escape to Pico Sands Hotel - Part 1

A lot of firsts for me on this trip. First time to get out during for more than a year, first beach trip in two years, and first time at Pico Sands Hotel. Actually first time at Pico de Loro Cove ever. This cove is located at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu Batangas

We left around 10am from Mall of Asia and arrived Pico Sands Hotel by 12:30 noon. Travel is around 2 hours to two and a half hours depending on the traffic. My first impressions even before I got to the place is that it's exclusive to members and that you have to be nominated or endorsed by a member to enjoy the beach and amenities, but that's not the case at all.
Pico Sands Hotel is situated next to the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club within the coastal community of Pico de Loro Cove. It is a seven-story hotel offering spacious rooms with modern amenities having the view of the mountains and their lagoon. Now this hotel is open for everyone to enjoy.

Upon arriving, standard procedure is done to ensure the safety of the property and other guests. As of the moment, they do not allow walk-ins so make sure that you book ahead. The staff were all wearing masks and face shield. All areas also had alcohol available for the guests to use and they also had a welcome drink for us! Which was yum! I think it was a mix of cucumber, calamansi and mint.

We arrived a little early for the check-in time so we decided to have lunch at Pico Restaurant which is just at the lobby floor. They have an indoor dining which is now operating at a smaller capacity to observe the social distancing guidelines. You can also dine al fresco at their spacious patio to get a nice view of Pico de Loro Cove's landscape and tranquil lagoon view.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and their food has good selections too, with Filipino and continental dishes made available for guests. Here's what we ordered. Kare-kare, liempo and salmon.

All was really good to be honest. Each dish has a serving spoon to make sure that guests don't use their utensils to get food and their sanitized utensils was also given to each of the guests to avoid sharing.
We also had a lot of fun getting our sweets on. I had to go with halo-halo, having the most ingredients and variety. Which also became an envy of Alex (who ordered the fruit platter) and Rod who got the Leche Flan. Of course, Ryan and I went for this Halo-halo each! Haha!

Well, here's us before devouring the dessert. As for our outfits, no we didn't talk about it. It just happened.
Myke Soon, Alex De Vera Dizon, Ryan San Juan and Rod Magaru

After our lunch we headed to our rooms to freshen up to the day's itinerary. We planned to visit the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club, check out the beach, and their church. So we got our keys from the reception lobby and went to the elevator. 
Here, it took a while for me to process but I noticed that for you to access the other floors, all you have to do is wave or point at the floor button by using your hand or card to access your desired floor. No need to touch the buttons, limiting and controlling the spread of the virus. Thumbs up to that Pico Sands Hotel! Truly these details matter and has a big impact.

Right beside the elevator, they have a vending machine where you can get snacks, chocolates and other beverage.

Each floor has spacious hallways and a nice atrium that gives you a view of the other floors. There's enough natural light from the top that spreads to each of the floor on the clear white and wooden interiors. Pop of tropic colors and also be seen on some artsy installation and stickers on their elevator.
Each newly cleaned room for new guests has this sticker placed on the door. This assured the guests that the rooms were cleaned properly and disinfected for the next coming guests. I guess that's why it made me wonder why their check out time is around 10am (or is it 11am?) instead of the standard 12nn. This must be the reason why, extra steps in disinfection to make sure that it is clean and disinfected properly.

The rooms are spacious, there's enough space for guests to put their stuff and enough for movement. It also has a veranda and our room has that breathtaking view of the man-made lagoon. There's also the Mountain view rooms where you can see the verdant mountains and the stunning Mt. Pico de Loro. 

I'm not so sure if our rooms we're the Premier Lagoon or the Deluxe Lagoon room. Both basically have the same size of around 37sqm with 7sqm balcony but the only difference is that the Premier Lagoon has two queen beds and the Deluxe has two double beds. It can fit up to four adults, and extra charges may apply on extra beds which is also subject to availability. Room can accommodate two adults and two children 12 years old below or up to 3 adults and also subject to extra person charge. For more info, check out details of their rooms here.

As for the room amenities would be in-room air-conditioning, highspeed Wi-Fi, cooler with non alcoholic beverages, phone, hair blower, hot and cold shower, premium toiletries, a 32-inch or 42-inch flatscreen television, writing desk, a safety security safe and iron and ironing board to be provided upon request, complimentary water bottle, coffee, local snacks and water heater. 
A hygiene kit was also provided for the guests which I think was a very nice touch! Inside you can find 2 face masks, an alcohol spray and two alcohol prep pads.

On the part-2 of my Escape to Pico Sands Hotel, I will share with you guys a tour of the Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club and other activities you can do at Pico Sands Hotel so much more! So be sure to stay tuned for that. Also planning on doing a vlog of the experience so please make sure to visit my and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more updates.

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