Escape to Pico Sands Hotel - Part 2 Amenities of Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club

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There's me, just soaking in the sun that is about to set from their viewing deck. It took us a good 20-30 minutes for us to just take photos and admire the beautiful view. The stretch of the 1.5 kilometer sandy shore of the Pico de Loro Cove is accessible for the hotel guests and there's also an area exclusive for the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club members. 

While the area has a really nice beach with friendly waves and depth, there are lifeguard posts to ensure the safety of beach goers. For those are hungry and would like to grab a drink or two, hotel guests can help themselves out at the Reef Bar. Here, guests can dine and savor grilled meats, specialty drink and kid friendly options. The casual beach bar offers quick menu snack items ideal for the beach. 

The Pico de Loro Beach Club has a pool near the beach and it's exclusive for the member's use only. 
Aside from the beach, Pico Sands Hotel also offers some aqua sports like the jetski, banana boat, kayak or even the aqua bike. Snorkling and scuba diving is also an option. But be sure to check with them first if it's available.

But don't fret, Pico Sands Hotel also has pool for their guests. They have three actually having a nice view of the lagoon.

The Pico de Loro Country Club has a lot in store for the guests. This is also accessible for the hotel guests. This includes the Gym, Kid's playground, bowling, billiards, darts and others. However, the Club Pico (kid's playground is currently closed). They also have a full-sized basket ball court as well as tennis, badminton and squash courts. You just have to bring your own ball, rackets etc for you to use these.
They also have a mini shop available (Grab N Go) where guests can get basic needs and also other snacks. Grab N Go also sells their own spanish sardines and breads.

The Country Club lobby has a nice fresh vibe in it. Natural light and breezy. As for safety, there are stickers on the floor also to remind you of proper social distancing. This is also the place where you can access the gym which is running on a limited schedule capacity. The gym is open from 9am - 5pm but is closed from12-1 and 2-3pm for disinfecting.
Just below the main lobby of the Pico de Loro Country Club, is the Lagoa Restaurant. This is the country club's signature dining facility, serving international buffet during holidays and weekends and an Asian a La Carte menu on weekdays. Lagoa Restaurant is also a few steps away from the hotel. You also have the option to dine inside or alfresco.
Here's the food that we ordered at Lagoa Restaurant. I ordered the Vietnamese Spring Roll and Pad Thai noodles. They others I think is adobong pusit and pork humba.

Weddings & other occasions are also a hit at Pico Sands Hotel. Here, guests get to celebrate their life's most important milestone may it be near the lagoon or by the beach. The hotel's F&B would be catering

Getting around and going to different places inside the Pico de Loro property is not hard either. There are shuttles provided that goes around every few minutes to transport members and hotel guests around the property. 
They can go to St. Therese Chapel of the Child Jesus. This chapel would require a bit of a walk up because it's tucked perfectly atop in between the lush environs of Pico de Loro Cove. But don't worry, there's also a path there for the shuttles to pass by so it wouldn't be too hard for elderly guests. One of the best time to go here is during sunset to get that wonderful view.
For those looking for something to relax them, Pico Sands Hotel also has a spa available for its guests. Enjoy face and body rejuvenating treatments that will help you relax during your stay.
After the quick tour, we headed back to our room to freshen up. I peeked outside my veranda and saw this well lit dining setup and was wondering what it's about. It was at the the garden side near the lagoon a few meters from the veranda of Pico Restaurant. I thought a family was celebrating something special or there was a reservation for a setup like this. 
The idea wasn't crazy because Pico Sands Hotel, aside from being known as a top wedding destination, they're also known to deliver beyond expectation. May it be for team buildings, meetings by the beach, or celebrations, the Pico Sands Hotel team can customize your experience according to you preference because they have the facilities and services to make it happen. Anyways, little did we know that the setup was for us! He he. A lot of existing guests are actually asking what the setup was about and if they can dine at the space.
Aside from customizing the experience, the F&B team of Pico Sands Hotel also prepared a special menu for us that night. The off-menu menu offered ham cheese croquettes, sopa de ajo, nicoise salad, gambas ala ijillo, beef salpicao, paella valenciana and crema catalana for dessert.
The food was amazing! We were so full and wasn't able to touch the second paella but the highlight for me that night would have to be the Sofa de Ajo and the Beef Salpicao! (Coz I'm a sucker for it!) The remaining Beef Salpicao, we asked to be sent into one of the rooms where we enjoyed this 'pulutan'.

That night, there was also a buy 1 take one on their cocktails like mojito and margarita. Me, I went for the classic Pale Beer.

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