Delicious meals from the Master of Meats, Chef Chris Oronce

You may have heard of his name. A pretty low key guy who blends with other people and doesn't attract attention to himself. Chef Chris Oronce had years of experience outside the country and locally. Most notably, he worked at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill at that time in Las Vegas. Currently, he is the chef of Wolfgang's Steakhouse

In this collaboration with Secret Kitchen, Chef Chris Oronce features recipes that were inspired by his experiences. Most are a tribute to friends and mentors that he's had over the years and highlights the recipes which are his favorites. Luckily I was able to try 3 of his dishes and I can't wait to try out more of them.

First up is the Paco's Applewood Smoked Bacon. (Solo 198 / Sharing 368)
While I'm generally a bacon fan, I shy away from the likes of these because they lack the taste, crunch, and satisfaction when I eat them. But this one from Chef Chris is just something that's so good. It is tender, juicy, and flavorful. Smoked pork belly served pandan claypot rice, fried eggs, cucumber and tomatoes. 

In 2015, due to the scarcity of quality bacon like the famous Boar's Head brand, Chef Chris improvised and made his own bacon similar to Boar's Head to serve in a renowned steakhouse where he is the executive chef and named it after his son Paco who loved it so much. 

Another one I tasted that delighted me is the Spiced Chicken. (228 / Sharing 508)
Marinated chicken served with bobotie claypot rice and yoghurt dressing. 
Khalil's Mediterranean Spiced Chicken was created in Ottawa, Ontario at the Moon Dogs Bar along with Rue de Laurier in the autumn of 2003. Khalil was the owner of the Moon Dogs where Chef Chris used to hang out most of the time after work. They served Lebanese food and Khalil would always invite Chris inside their kitchen. Knowing that He is a cook, they would share trade secrets.
It was also then when Chef Chris saw them grilling this herbed and spiced chicken which smelled and tasted really great. He would order the dish twice a week and decided to make his own and name the dish after his friend Khalil. 

Saving the best for last is the Junior-San's Angus Beef Tapa
Thin strips of marinated Angus beef belly grilled and served with fried eggs and pandan claypot rice. 
I am always in search of the best Tapa in town. A food that will always comfort me and lift my spirits up any day. The beef tapa wasn't too sweet nor too salty for me, it was just right and perfect. The beef was soft, thin and delicious. Throw in some really nice pickled vegetable and onions with a slice of egg, add in a splash of vinegar and you have yourself the perfect bite. 
It was named after his very sweet ‘peke’ (Pekingese). This recipe was created in 2004 in Shibuya for Taka-San, Chef Chris' Japanese chef friend. Chef told him that he was going to make a Filipino version of their gyudon. Chef Chris made the flavor bolder and grilled the beef instead of simmering it and called it his very own ‘tapsilog’.  This one has got to be on the top 3 of my best tapa in town.

Here's Marvin Agustin trying out Chef Chris' food items.

From Chicken to Pork and Beef, Chef Chris is known as the "Master of Meats", and check out his menu available for order at Secret Kitchen.

Benito's Pollo Asada Solo 208 / Sharing 398 
Marinated chicken served w/ Spanish claypot rice and salsa. 

Khalil's Mediterranean Spiced Chicken Solo 228 / Sharing 508 
Marinated chicken served with bobotie claypot rice and yoghurt dressing. 

Jack's BBQ Smoked Pork Belly Solo 208 / Sharing 398 
BBQ smoked pork belly served with turmeric claypot rice and grilled corn on the cob. 

Paco's Applewood Smoked Bacon Solo 198 / Sharing 368 
Smoked pork belly served pandan claypot rice, fried eggs, cucumber and tomatoes. 

Javier's Carne Asada Solo 208 / Sharing 348 
Boneless marinated Angus beef brisket served w/ Spanish claypot rice and salsa. 

Woong Shik's Bulgogi Solo 208 / Sharing 388 
Marinated Angus beef strips served with seasoned pandan claypot rice, cucumber relish and house-made kimchi. 

Junior-San's Angus Beef Tapa Solo 228 / Sharing 388 
Thin strips of marinated Angus beef belly grilled and served with fried eggs and pandan claypot rice. 

Pandan Claypot Rice 65 
Turmeric Claypot Rice 65 
Spanish Claypot Rice 65 
Bobotie Claypot Rice 65 
Fried Egg 30 
Home-made Pickles 30 

If you noticed, the rice that is included in each meal is a clay pot rice. That's what it is so flavorful and so good! The claypot rice is purely inspired by Chef Chris' grandmother "Lola Luring" who raised him. She was a very good cook and had this very traditional kitchen where she cooked everything using claypots over hot coals and wood-fire every single day. 

The pickled vegetables/onions are also homemade. Another thing I liked about each meal is 'hindi siya tinipid' or you get your money's worth! Each dish is well thought of, packed nicely, and cooked professionally.

This is definitely a line of dishes worth trying out. Professionally made meals by an experienced chef packed with delicious details and stories and cooked from the heart. If you want to try out more grilled treats from the Master of Meats, check them out on FB & IG: bysecretkitchen & bigboychowph. 

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