STARBUCKS 2021 Planner and Journal

'Tis the Season!
There's no stopping us from staying positive for the coming year and while there's still a lot of things happening around us, we all still make plans and list down the things we need to do and accomplish. Some of us even started writing in a journal to document our lives & thoughts during the quarantine season.

The tradition continues this year as Starbucks Philippines teases 4 looks of the coming 2021 Planners and/or travel journal. 

Immediately you can see the different basic colors of the planners from the post. The black one, which we think is a planner has a metallic print of the Starbucks Reserve logo. Dominated by a black matte or semi-gloss finish.

The yellow one also looks like a planner and shows the Siren's tail. Not sure if this is the front, because it's also possible that it may be a shot of the back of the yellow planner / journal.

The Starbucks green planner/journal has the siren's face engraved in the cover material. Most likely, the treatment/execution of this kind will extend to the back of the planner.

The last of the images would be the journal/travel journal (I think). The color is either salmon pink or rose gold, and this one definitely markets to the ladies. 

Now for the planner/journal execution, I don't think there's something new here aside from the colors and designs in front and by the looks of it, there's 3 planners and 1 travel/journal? I don't know, let's see, let's see. 

Aside from the planner/journal Starbucks traditions, of course, we are also looking forward to the different, Starbucks Cars, Merch like the cold cups, ceramic mugs, bears, and other items. The food and handcrafted beverages are also something to look forward to.

2020 may have ruined your plans, but there's always another year to look forward to. We all remain hopeful and positive as weeks and months progress, and c'mon... let's admit it, we miss the coffee and the seasonal offerings from this beloved coffee brand. 

Now if my calculations are correct, these new planners and mechanics will be available starting November 2, 2020. :) See you and happy collecting! 

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