October Fiesta celebration continues with Delishvery

October Fiesta is upon us! While the global pandemic may have canceled most of our plans for 2020, Resorts World Manila continues the tradition by having those ice-cold beers and those delicious beer pairings delivered to your home via Delishvery. Yes, I was also delighted to know about this private (in-house service) that Resorts World Manila is using.

October Fiesta celebrations is where Resorts World Manila get some amazing craft beers and bar grubs in one place and run promotions inside RWM. Some exclusive beer pairing from its signature bar Franks. A lot Pinoy themed 'pulutans' and so much more. 

Check out the 2019 October Fiesta Celebration here.

This year, exclusive October Fiesta packages of beer pairings are now available for delivery right at your doorstep via Delishvery. For a small group, you can opt for the following packages.
Package A (Php1, 200 net.)
Bar grubs that include one (1) serving of Shrimp Salted Egg Popcorn, a plate of Roasted Pork Sisig, and six (6) mini-servings of signature Franks Pinoy Hotdogs, with six (6) cans of San Miguel Beer. Good for 6 pax, 

Package B (Php 550 net) 
Comes with a choice of one (1) bar grub and two (2) cans of San Miguel Beer, for a solo drinking session. 

To complete celebrations at home, you may also check out the L.O.V.E Project at www.facebook.com/TheLoveProjectOfficial, an online marketplace platform for professional musicians, theater actors, singers, and performers where you can book virtual live entertainment. 

The exclusive October Fiesta offer is also available for dine-in at The Grand Bar and Lounge, at a limited capacity. Following the government guidelines, only guests aged 21 to 59 years old will be allowed to enter the property, and guests are encouraged to bring proper identification. Strict safety and health protocols are also in place, including the IATF guidelines on maximum alcoholic beverage serving allowed. Grand Bar and Lounge is located at The Grand Wing and is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 4PM to 10PM. 

You may call Delishvery hotline at (02) 7908 8885 or 0917 878 8856 for inquiries regarding minimum order requirements and delivery orders. Visit www.rwmanila.com or follow the official social media accounts @rwmanila for more updates. Download the RWM Mobile App for free on Google App and Apple App Store.

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