The Comfort of Shopping with Landers Superstore

Landers Superstore has been making noise in the past few weeks and it's because they have finally opened its doors to the people of the north! Super because this membership store promised to bring blissful shopping experience for the whole family. 

What makes them a superstore? Well, Landers give its customers Space. The 8000 square meter store is filled with top-notch goods. Compared to other similar stores, their aisles and hallways are big wide enough to accommodate free-flowing shoppers inside their store.
Before you shop, you would need to be a member of course. For only P 800, Premium and Personal membership has an annual fee of the same price. You can also get an extension card for an additional P 400. Business membership's annual fee is  P 1,000 which is valid for 12 months and honored at all Lander's stores. The difference of Business membership to other cards is that the Business membership may avail of 4 extension memberships compared to the personal and premium of one extension. Business documents are also required to show when applying for this card.
Right now, until the September 15, 2016, Landers Superstore is offering 20% discount on their membership fees. I was able to get one for only P 640. That one right there is a temporary card. I'll get the actual card when I go back there this Saturday.

When you enter the superstore, you can immediately see Talas Manileno Barbershop. Saving you time while mom or kids shop, dads can pamper themselves here.
Landers Superstore also has a Caltex conveniently located just right beside it and is super accessible. What's good about this is that Landers Superstore members has discounts when you gas up with them and show your card. I think right now it's a discount of 2 peso per liter. How about that!
After getting the temporary membership card, grabbed the big ass cart and went around to check out the products they have there. It was bright, high ceiling and spacious compared to other membership shopping centers.
They have a space there where it's beautifully setup like you're in a showroom where everything that you see inside can be purchased. Really nice touch.
They have this small space also there where they sell branded apparel and other fashion items. Their branded items seems a bit expensive for me though.

Checked out this cute IKEA swivel chair.

and more photos of products I'd purchase if I wasn't on a budget :) haha
Areas and sections are well identified and not really hard to find.
They also have some pastry products available. We ordered two coffee cakes and they were really good! Next one is the almond cake something :)
Amazed with the wide range of gourmet choices, cold cuts and cheese they have there. I also liked their packaging and how it is portioned. It looks clean and decent.
I am impressed with their imported meat section. Also packed neatly and portioned nicely.
They also have Rotisserie area and a food area where you can buy pizza, burgers and others. (apologies for the lack of photo, I dunno where it went)
Overall there experience was nice, it's nice to have a change in environment where the space is really big and well lighted. Not sure if it was just morning but a bright Superstore made the whole shopping experience pleasant. I didn't feel that the lines were long as they had all of the counters open. As for the price, I think it's pretty much similar to the other membership shopping store, upon checkout I thought that our bill would reach around P 3,000 - P 4,000 plus but It was just around P 2,000 and we got some pretty nice and tasty stuff too! 

For more info, visit their website Or check them out on Facebook: LandersPH
Landers Superstore is located at 1240 EDSA Balintawak, Apolonio Samson, QC. They are opening up other one in OTIS, Manila in Paz Guazon St., Paco, Manila by the end of July.

You can download the membership form here and drop it off in any of their branches.

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  1. I love their dining set... SnR's business membership can avail up to 4 extensions also. the 4th extension is actually free of charge.

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