Rediscover Music with Audiofly Headphones

Audiofly headphones from Australia has landed in Manila and ready to be heard. Designed and built by a musician made to be enjoyed by musicians and everyone who appreciates good sound. Audiofly takes pride in its classic design and how they highlight on craftsmanship and the details that goes with it. 

Artists put a lot of work and details into their work and Audiofly helps mesh these details into an amazing musical harmony result. Crafted the tone and quality for years, Audiofly gives attention to what's important, the Sound Quality. These earphones raise the bar when it comes to helping these artists listen and create music. 
The Audiofly earphones are designed to fit the true audiophile’s lifestyle with a deep love for music, and go beyond just “looking cool”. The result? Crystal clear, rich sound en- closed in vintage-inspired designs. 
During the launch of Audiofly Headphone at Hole in Wall in Century City Mall, they featured four earphones that are currently available in all Digital Walkers stores. They launched the the AF33, AF45, AF56 & the AF78.
The award-winning headphones has the noise isolation and custom-voiced dynamic drivers delivering amazing smooth and powerful sound capturing every detail in the music. They gave me the AF33 to try and I think it's pretty decent and packs right. Entry level in their AF series, it is lightweight and has an amazing sound and value for money with its 9mm dynamic driver.
I tried using it for call and it was okay, its clear-talk microphone feature also ensures distinct voice transmission, great for use with smart phones. The AF33 is perfect for casual listeners ideal for taking calls on their phone and for sports and exercise. The AF33 is available in 4 coulours, Piano Black, Snare Black, Kingswood Blue and Coral.

I also got to try their AF45 (photo below) which is one notch higher than their entry level earphones. This on also has noise isolating in-ear design, having an excellent sound with its larger 11mm dynamic driver. For the AF45 they weaved onto cable the Cordura fabric, known and respected in its field and used by the military around the world. SO you can be assured that the cable is durable, versatile and reliable. The AF45 is available in colours Wax Black, Bakelite White and Bottle Green.

The last two which is part of their premium line, the AF56 & AF78, I wasn't able to try because its sealed. Let's start with the AF56.
Also has the noise isolating in-ear design, this has a larger 13mm driver with a more angled sound port so that it sits on the outer ear for comfort and doesn't fall out. Ideal for those who enjoy lively sounds with a bit more bass.

The last one is the AF78. Having a dynamic driver and balanced armature driver, this one packs a really sophisticated sound. It has a detailed soundstage with a good midrange presence. Also sporting the very flexible and durable Cordura fabric in its cable, surely you won't have any problems in taking care of it. AF56 is available in 3 other colours, Edison Black, Vintage White and Blue Tweed while the AF78 is only available in Marque Black.
I can't wait for Audiofly to release headphones after their AF earphones line. If you are like the independent artists who veer away from trends and know what they want, then Audiofly is for you. A brand that pushes boundaries and bangs the drum for ultimate clarity in music. While other earphones on the market lure listeners in with their hip packaging, Audiofly goes beyond the surface. It’s the real deal. But don't take my word for it, try it for yourself.
As for the price, AF33 is priced at P 1,450, AF45 is P 2,450, AF56 is P 4,850 and the AF78 is priced at P 9,750. Audiofly earphones are available in all Digital Walker stores. For more information, you may visit Digits and Digital Walker’s social media accounts: 

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