LIMBO Experience - Halloween Party

Okay, So how did you guys celebrate Halloween. Did you dress up? stayed at home? fed your dog? Well, for the first time, I put a little effort in dressing up for the Limbo Halloween event of Scribbleworks. Well, I wasn't able to experience their tent of horrors but I was able to party o-pa skeleton style! :)

Check out the photos below.

 The night was hosted by the guys from Boys Night Out. (minus one)

Free Red Bull drinks. Energized me the whole night.

The gang! 
The crowd
@jhuztina @popazrael and @mykesoon partying hard
 BNO stepped in and started the program. Got volunteers from the crowd and gave out cool prizes!

Jus came as a battered wife / battered employee and me wearing, well myself. Hehe Me as the employee who was burned to death. (True Story)

 Azrael and I fooling around.

Here are some costume contest participants. Yeah, I was kind of like a part of this one. Guess who among the ladies is the crowd favorite? :)
Your skeleton warrior
Too bad I didn't win. :( The prize was the new polaroid camera of Fuji Film.

Check out below a video blog of Az. With me as an extra (again) :) he he he.

@mykesoon Halloween Costume.
Anyways it was a fun party/event. I will definitely dress up more on the next few Halloween parties. Dream costume will be Heath's Joker. :D (overrated I know).

So why don't you share with me your proudest Halloween costume? :)

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