Q Bistro - One of my favorite food discovery.

Ahhh the joys and satisfaction in finding something that is just right there under your nose. Not to mention a delicious way too! I am referring to this jewel of a resto/bistro right at the heart of Ortigas complex. I give you Q Bistro.

Q Bistro is known for their Roast Beef. Q Bistro is the official restaurant of The Malayan Plaza Hotel catering mostly to the long staying guests. Q Bistro already have its own following and a handful of loyal customers. This beautiful bistro a few steps away from Podium, ADB Ave. and Oakwood Premier Hotel is managed and own by Chef and Lawyer Ameera "Mia" Katigbak Capay.

The place at the ground floor can sit around 16-20 person. Not to cramped but just right enough space for you to go back and forth at the buffet table. :) Their second floor however can accommodate up to 50 people I think. The big room upstairs can also be divided into two for groups 20-25.

The buffet food that was served.
Baked Mussels - Q Bistro
Beef and Cheese on Toasted Crostini - Q Bistro

The Baked Mussels and Beef and Cheese on a Costini was a good intro to the main dish. I didn't go to the salad section nor the bread and butter area. I just dived into the main food. :) (Sorry, the food was really inviting)

Grilled Vegetable Pasta Topped with Tofu - Q Bistro
The pasta was ok. not really a vegetable type of person. If its Chicken Pesto then I've dive right into it. But this one is not so bad. The taste has a good flavor to it and really filling.

Salmon Fingers - Q Bistro
This one was quite a good surprise. Presenting salmon this way certainly is a good idea. Crunchiness outside and the salmon taste with that dip is certainly a nice treat to the taste buds. :)

Chicken Pastel - Q Bistro
The Chicken pastel was really good. Nice and creamy and full. One American who is a regular there said that the chicken pastel is one of his favorite in Q Bistro. I guess I would have to agree with him on that one.

Fish Wrapped in Bacon - Q Bistro
Creamy Dory fish wrapped in bacon. Now why didn't think of that. Mixing healthy with the deadly is my kind of thing. :) ha ha. But kidding aside, this one I guess is a dish that I wouldn't mind eating every other day. :) Who doesn't love bacon right? I love how the bacon stays with the fish. The consistency of the fish and bacon was just so right. If you don't trust me I suggest you check out the place. :)

Check out my plate. :) He he he

Okay, on to the highlights. :) One of their best sellers would be the Adobo sa Mangga P 265.00
Adobo sa Mangga
Well this is not really included in the buffet. This is a separate order. Chef Mia wanted us to try their adobo. They take pride in this one because they use green mangoes for their adobo and not vinegar. Can't image the taste? Well, you can't. However good it is that you would imagine it would be, this Adobo sa Mangga would be a lot better! Best eaten with a plain rice for you to maximize the taste. The sauce is just so nice that you just need rice to go with the sauce. It is that tasty! I assure you this one tops my adobo cooked meals.

Next is their Roast beef (part of their buffet, don't worry :D )

 This has got to be the best roast beef I've ever tasted. True story.

Prepared for long hours to achieve its tender and juicy taste. This roast beef is delicately handled. Marinated in a special secret ingredient. This imported premium cut meat can be purchased on a per slab. You can order from them at least a weeks notice so that they can prepare. It also comes with a chopping board. No knife is not included. :) Indeed this Roast Beef will not hear the end of me. :) This food definitely is the the highlight of my day.

Don't forget that they have a Roast Beef and Salad bar buffet for only P 425.00. So, if you feel like treating yourself to a good meal, I suggest you check out this place. :)

Salad Area - Q Bistro

To end the delicious meal, the buffet table have these assorted and delicious pastries. Yum indeed. :)
Assorted Pastries 
Chef Mia offered us to have a taste at their wonderfully made Carrot Cake P 230.00 per slice. They say that this one would have to be one of the most delicious carrot cake you ever tasted. 
No words. I would have to agree with them. The cream cheese, the nuts, the softness of the cake. Arrgggghh!!! I want one now! :)

Overall experience in this bistro was simply amazing. My discovery didn't stop in finding this place but surprises was also there as I tried their food items. They also have a Mongolian night every Wednesday I think for only P 295.00. Now this I got to try for myself. 

I would definitely come back here to get me more of these dishes. Yes, the place may cost you a bit higher that your usual restaurant and dining place, But I assure you that you wouldn't regret dining at Q Bistro.  In this place, you get your money's worth because they serve you good food here. Quality. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of their buffet and unique and wonderful dishes. :)

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