Astroplus Blog Connect - Photo Coverage.

Yes, it was an afternoon of raffles & prizes. It was like a crash course on the latest movies, music and gadgets that is trending out there. Organized by Astroplus, and bloggers were invited to basically sit down, have fun, go crazy, do a little networking, eat and receive some awesome prizes. Now how does that sound? :)

Now what is Astroplus Blog-Connect? Think about this, gather a small group of social media influencers, throw in some companies and brands who wants to get the word out via online marketing, a couple of raffle prizes and some goodie bags / giveaway and you have a happy group of people!

After digging into the delicious food there, they anxiously sit and ready to connect!

David who is the marketing of Astroplus broke the ice with a raffle. oh what lucky guy he got a cool Spider-Man sitting thingy.

Here's a talk from our music (Sony Music & Ivory Music) and movie (CInteractive) category. They shared their latest and upcoming releases.

 Bloggers were happy every time raffle time was up.

Here are some items they gave away.

This Spider-Man figurine right here along with a Spider-Man DVD is for the lucky winner of those who tweeted about the event. I don't know the winner yet but that is one lucky person. 

There were also some displays of gadgets, headphones, music players/speakers in the venue. Bloggers got to try the cool items that will be presented on the gadget category.


And then the Gadgets category was up. :)

Here are some of the winners of our raffle.

One of the craze was this device right here. You just place your phone on top of the speaker and you have sounds! It's wireless, you can put in AAA batteries. Sound is powerful enough to whatever sound trip you have on. :)

Originally designed for iPhone buy it also works on other phones.

 Below are some AKG headphones that I was able to take a shot of.

I wasn't able to take a picture of other headphones as I was busy attending to guests and the raffle and program as well.

I shall be having a separate post on each of the items and brands presented on the Astroplus Blog-Connect, so be sure to watch out for it. :)

Thank you Azrael, it was a pleasure working together with you. Lets do bigger events next time! :) and thank you Astroplus! Thank you Sir Jimmy Lim, David, Choy, Ate Yets and Steph! I shall be accepting any awesome heaphones that you will offer me. Merry Christmas. :D hahaha

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