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The AVENGERS tumblers Assemble!!!
Yes, those are mine! :) I bought all four of them! :) Yes, Petron has brought us this awesome tumbler promo. And even though you have a car which you don't use, or have a friends who has one, tag along as your friends fills up the tank, go with them and get these awesome collectibles from Petron gas station. :)
Check out detailed pics of the characters after the break.
Yes, I know you think that something is missing here. Where is the hot Black Widow and where is Hawkeye. Well, don't bet on it because Petron just released 4 characters of the 6 avengers.

First up, Captain America..  This toy's power is kind of a little sucky.. The Shield spins...  Yeah, I don't get it either.
Adding one more pic because I do like the look of it :)

Next is Iron Man. Well, the chest lights up. kinda cool I guess. (Problem is, how do we replace its battery if it runs out? Hmm ill check that one out )

Third is Thor. This toy's cool feature is throwing  its hammer. You raise up the hand, insert the hammer , press the button at the back and Thor throws his hammer. Careful though, the hammer is small and might easily get lost.

Last but not the least, the monstrous Hulk!!! Just by the look of it I am so liking how it looks. It is a mean green awesome machine. has this lever at the back and yeah, if you guessed right, Hulk smash! :)

Over-all I think this is a great deal. Details of the toys are really good, just check out the not so crappy photos above and tell me I'm wrong? :) and the tumbler is not so bad either. The the mark or Marvel somewhere in the tumbler I just forgot where. :) Now for only P 60 pesos I say that this is a steal! :) Go head now to your nearest Petron and Gas up! :)

Check out the mechanics below.

Well if you can't read the mechanics in the poster, I made one below.

I'll do my best to not play with the toys if no one is around. :) LOL Go and buy now!

This is Mix signing out!
Twitter: mykesoon
Fan page: mixofeverything

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13 $type={blogger}

  1. i got the three of them by just 1000 gas loading.... hehe lucky

  2. Cool! that's so awesome! have you completed it already?

  3. got the four without showing any receipts =)

  4. got the four without showing any receipts =)

  5. Me too! :D You got it here in Manila? :)

  6. Sana dito din sa pampanga may petron na ganyan, para maka collect din ako

  7. Sana dito sa pampanga may petron ding ganyan, para maka collect din ako,

  8. Haha me too!! :) good job! :)

  9. don't they have the promo there? 

  10. Yup all is good na, got my collection yesterday, hehe

  11. i hab catian america tumbler
    avengers in petron

  12. That is soooo cool! :)