Commodore's Cup 2012 Last Day and Awards Night


April 14, 2012 - Yes, together with other online bloggers and photographers we boarded the "MV Binictican "and then headed to the waters where there was this nautical race right in the clear blue water and picturesque view of Subic bay. It was indeed one hell (because of the heat) of an experience to be on a ship again and brave the beautiful Subic waters.

and what follows are the scenes from the ship. Yes, Photo Ops are not prohibited :)

 and because I look good in pretending i found land.

and things got interesting when we arrived to there the actual boat race is.

It was indeed a great experience to be out and the water, it might look easy but I tell you, its not. :)

Later that afternoon, we attended a short press conference attended by  Mr. Raul Marcelo, Deputy Administrator for Tourism- Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority who shared about the plans and the support of SBMA to these types of water events.

Mr. Federico S. Sandoval II, President of Water venture Corp. shared the history of the Commodore's Cup and about yacht activities and developments in Manila and in Subic and also their future plans.

They shared that SBYC is opening their doors to others who are interested parties who wants to try boating or yachting. They are encouraging everyone to join and learn yachting. Others might have the impression that this is a rich man's sport but they say that boating is not just about that. Kids and young ones can even try out boating. In the awarding, they also awarded the youngest sailor who joined the Commodore's Cup.

As I shared on my previous post right here, the four-day event will officially started last April 10 and ended last April 14 with the actual Awards Night right by the pool side of Subic Bay Yacht Club.

And the party.... what happened there after a couple of drinks, I don't remember. :)
Youngest Sailors recognized :) So cute!

I definitely look forward to the next Commodore's Cup. It really was a fun and exciting experience! :)
Check out more pictures here.

Check out my previous post and more info on the Commodore's Cup Regatta 2012

Till the next one! This is Mix signing out!
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