THE HUNGER PAINS! A Hunger Games Parody.

Saw this online and I just can't wait to read it. Being a fan of Hunger Games I just had to repost this. Yes it was inevitable. It has been a tradition years back. MAD Magazine Parody is a classic.
I remember when I was young, I loved reading the magazine. it was kind of a ritual to some for the children and the children at heart takes a stab at these mocked scenarios. MAD Magazine is not letting the 'new' twilight, love triangle get off the hook so easily.
If your are ready, check out MAD‘s Alfred E. Neuman twist The Hunger Games — or, as MADputs it, The Hunger Pains. Written by Desmond Devlin, and drawn by artist Tom Richmond: MAD‘s Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark — Wait, that’s Katfood Aspercreme and Meatwad Stretchmark. :) hehe one of my favorite is Iffy Stinkpit. :)

Click on image for full sized version.

I am not sure if you found it funny, but I sure did. :)

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