Astro and Orange BLOGGERS' BLOWOUT - Part 1: MUSIC

This was the first ever bloggers event of AstroVision/Astroplus and Orange Magazine TV. And I was happy to be a part of it. The bloggers blowout basically consists of 3 categories or let's just say 3 niches for the blogger to attend to. Broken down into MUSIC, MOVIES and TECH/GADGETS. I got confused on where i actually registered, it was Tech  if I remembered correctly, nevertheless I was there before it started. 1PM even though TECH/GADGET was last up on the program. Excited much? oh yeah. 

Delish food was just waiting outside the store. It looked good and nicely presentated. Their caterer for that day was Events Catering Co. 'Chef's Summit.' (Side promotion :) some pics below)
They also have some desserts if you like. Look for Jason Dela Cruz with the number 0916 784 7906, 0923 733 26 10. Just tell him, Myke Soon from Alphaland recommended you. :)


Jeman, Choy and David
It's started with an introduction from David and Choy, the Marketing consultants of astrovision and a few words from Jeman of orange magazine.Then an awesome product demo and presentation of the LD 3D SMART TV. I've never had 3D viewed on anywhere aside from the movie house but imagine actual beautiful 3D tv at you own home. Well, that's what we get to experience when LG stepped in too tell us about it. The 3D-ness and clarity and it's 3D glasses were amazing, it was light and so far the best 3D glasses for me.

Check out some LG 3D tv info below and why it is so awesome-tastic / awesome-riffic. I did an entry about the LG CINEMA 3D - SMART TV a few weeks back. Check out my post here. Do check out my post about it. Really nice piece of TV if i may say so. Oh and reaaaaly nice 3D glasses, one of the best! 
After the introduction and the welcome remarks, the Music category was first up. Sony Music Philippines and Ivory Music and Video was first up on the music category. They were able to show a couple of their artist, info on their upcoming releases/hit.

Click on the slide!
PUPIL, STEPHANIE DAN, PITBULL, GLOC 9, OPERABELLS, UKISS and many others Just to name very few of the elites of it.

It was then Followed by Warner Music, which carries bands like RICO BLANCO, ADELLE, GENERAL LUNA, EBE DANCEL, NEVER THE STRANGERS: (New!),  SITTI among others.

It was MCA Music next on the spot and shared and showed a few music videos for us to enjoy at the awesome big ass Smart TV. :) 

Last for Music is Star Records, sharing their existing and upcoming artists like JOVIT, ERIK SANTOS, YENG CONSTANTINO, JURIS, GARY VALENCIANO, JAMIE RIVERA, MARCELITO POMOY and MARIA ARAGON are just some...

Well, talks didn't just end. They gave us press materials of their company and yes, each every talk, they finished with giveaways!!!! Oh yeah they did...They freebies is so awesome, but too bad i wasn't able to get any coz i wasn't really registered in the Music category, but oh well, we all did have fun listening to updates and upcoming releases. :)

Here are some photos below during the whole Music talk.

Sitting in the music part of the program was refreshing and enlightening. Made me realized that i was missing out on a lot when it comes to the music scene. Watched music vides, looked at album covers, listening to some carrier single. Hearing the talk from the top record labels, I got a crash course of the best and upcoming artists. Even got tips on upcoming concerts, album tours and album releases. The music category was fun. Well of course a part of what also make each of the talks interesting is how they end it with....some awesome giveaways and raffle. well that certainly did made some people happy. ha ha ha

You can check out more pictures here or visit the link provided.

This is part 1 of my Astro-Orange bloggers' blowout post. Watch out for the MOVIE, GADGETS and another for the whole of ASTROVISION and ASTROPLUS stuffs!

Awesome Thanks to the following below for making it possible. :) Click on the logos to be directed to their Facebook fan pages.

Visit ASTROVISION at the 3rd flr. GREENBELT 5, MAKATI  Tel. 7299809 : 7299823

This is mix signing out.

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