The BLACK MAMBA Press con

It was an exciting feeling to be one of the few who were able to attend the Presscon. It was a different feeling... it was grand and un-explainable. The time that I came. The place was silent. I signed up and I sat down.
People were lining up at the buffet table and there I was sitting and observing. After a few minutes, media from different platforms started coming in. Then in a few minutes, the Manila peninsula was packed. It was silent and an unannounced press con. I think. Special thanks to an insider for tipping me this.  :) mum is the word.

Spotted Venus Raj and another one... uhmmm forgot their name. I didn't really paid much attention to her. So there.After a few smoked tuna, some juice.  I happen to talk to the lucky kid. The 16yo insider Nike chose. Chatted a few then they announced that the room was opened. 

People started coming in. I left my smoked salmon and juice, grabbed my bag and went in. I was able to get a good spot on the stage where the camera men of different stations stay. So yeah, I couldn't complain.

They opened the floor for questions to anyone from the media. Although they did have a few ground rules. There were certain questions that wasn't allowed to ask. It has to be cleared with the organizers first prior question that were assigned on each mic.

The presscon event opened with Patricia Bermudez-Hizon as the host and question moderator.

“Nike is proud to bring Kobe Bryant back to Manila. During his last two visits, Kobe was able to inspire young athletes to fulfill their sports dreams. Now, he’s back to check the progress of those athletes and encourage even more,” said Nike Philippines Country Marketing Manager, Mae Dichupa

After a few words from Mae, it was back to Patricia.And without further adieu, the voice over gave proper introduction. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, The 5 time NBA Champion, 13 time NBA All star, 2007-2008 NBA Most Valuable player, a 2 time NBA Finals MVP, a 4 time NBA All Star game MVP, a 9 time NBA first team selection, a 9th time on Defensive Player selection, 3rd on the NBA all time scoring list for the post season, 6th on the NBA scoring list for the regular season, and of course in 2008, olympic gold medalist.. Give it up! for the BLACK MAMBA!!!! KOBEEE BRRYAANNTT!!!!!

More after the break.

Lemme say it again,,, KOBEEEE BRRRYYAAAANNTTTTT!!!
Oh yes, oh yes baby. He was there. A few arms length, and I had my trusty DSLR and another cam for the video. Ultimate multitasker. 

Some media were all over the place. Stepping on eachother, grabbing seat and doing boxouts on their fellow reporters. Kobe answers questions from the crowd.

I've recorded around 90% of the video. Will transcribe it and edit it soon. I'll post it. :)
It lasted for around 20-30 mins, the interview. Then he left. And that's it. That's was the longest and nearest that I was able to be with Kobe.

I can't believe that  (as i quote a good friend of mine - Joey).the "Basketball Jesus" was infront of me.  And it was an awesome Black Mamba experience! Definitely in the books! 

Will post part of the interview in a bit :)

Enjoy the Presscon pics! here, or the link provided.

Black Mamba Mix signing out!

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