FHM 100 SEXIEST Photo and Video Coverage

I was happy that i was able to attend the FHM Seciest 2011event at World Trade Center.
Check out my Photo and Video coverage.

Extremely long lines outside. and tight security when you get in.

Was at the VIP area for advertisers. It was not full at first. It was in the end. 

Free food from Don Henricos and beers from San Miguel. 
(they were also selling some) 

Girls from PLDT Watch Pad. 

The RRJ booth and girls. No i didn't have my picture taken with them.

The San Miguel booth was pretty cool. a bath tub of lights.. The girls were not so bad.

A lot were staying in the Premier Max booth. you purchase around 1,000 amount then you  get to go up and they say receive a free lap dance or something. Now who needs that much condoms?

Belo Booth, ehhhh not so much. They have this booth that you get o peek inside and check out someone bathing.. I didn't see anyone.

I was able to catch Daiana Menezes and she was able to interview me. lol lucky night indeed.

More pictures and video coverage after the break.

More pictures here

This is mix signing out! 

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