BLUSH is ready for the world! brought to us by Far West Entertainment

BLUSH is a new girl group under FAR WEST ENTERTAINMENT that is set in conquering the music scene in the coming months. Consisting of 5 talented girls with different backgrounds, coming from 5 different Asian countries namely, India, China, South Korea, Japan and our own, the Philippines. 
The girls were selected through a long process of tests and audition through PROJECT LOTUS. is it followed by a six week extensive training and elimination. This was held in Hong Kong. How were they selected you ask, the five girls were selected on their vocal ability, uniqueness, dancing and stage presence. This strenuous process was to make sure the each and every member is capable of being a leader. 
Project Lotus is headed by former Asia-Pacific President Mr. Jon Niermann and grammy-winning producer Eliot Kennedy who created hits for Spice Girls, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Take That and many more. Project Lotus culminates in the formation of 5 beautiful, intelligent and talented young Asian women from Japan, Korea, China, India and the Philippines. 

The music of BLUSH they say is a bubble gum pop with bits of cultures and inspiration from the 5 Asian countries. Having a hardcore fun music with no serious element involved.

The beautiful girls are Alisha budhrani (India),

Victoria chan (china)

natsuko danjo (japan)
lee jihae ( south Korea)

and angeli Flores (Philippines).

It's a young band with a high level of passion in singing and dancing. All The girls are 18-20 years of age.
Sib with Jon Niermann giving introduction to the girls. 
Jon Niermann is the Founder and CEO of FarWest Entertainment and Excutive Producer of Project Lotus. He has worked in the entertainment industry for 22 years, he is also the former President of The Walt Disnet Company Asia-Pacific and former President of Electronic Arts Asia. In 2008, Niermann created "Asia uncut" which is a regional night0time talk show for which he won the "Best Entertainment Presenter" award at the Asian Television Awards in 2009. 
The Band Manager Stacey Niermann

During the presscon, when they were performing, they stopped the music in the middle of the song giving the media a chance to listen to their bare voice, acapella style. And they finished their song with out no music.
I gotta say that the girls definitely have a shot in the music industry. Aside from being all beautiful and talented, they are young, fresh and has this big room to improve. With more proper trainings, gigs and practices, no doubt that in no time, blush would then be added to the list of popular girl groups. Now, they will be conquering Asia, give it more time then they will conquer the world.

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That guy is Mix BLUSHING out! 

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