2012 is the time for TMNT OOZE!!!!

Ooze is back!!!
Yes i was a fan of the old tv series and old movie franchise of the TMNT. I even memorized the opening song way back when i was young.. and yes, i am Leonardo.
I was young and i was the hack and slash type of guy. How i miss the classic cartoons!

Paramount picture together with Nickelodeon are bringing the most loved turtles of all! Cowabunga!!!
They were able to get Michael Bay and some all star people to produce the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are also getting the guys who penned the first Iron Man film.
Along with the movie set to be release on 2012, they are also coming up with a brand new TV series of the said franchise.
Apparently, Nickelodeon seemed to have bought the global right for the entire franchise for $60 Million. I gotta say, Nickelodeon did a good job in the animated film Rango. really nice and awesome animation, which i don't know if many noticed.

Let's all just hope that this will be a better Ninja Turtle Movie.

Hope you can hit the comments below. :) 

Ninja Mix signing out!

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