Swatch Christmas Event


I'll make this short, i will try :)

A few days ago, i got a text from Swatch Mall of Asia branch and invited to their Christmas event in Greenbelt 5. My first thoughts was, why me? what did i do to deserve it? then i remembered that i left my card and been pestering them with this watch that i was really in to which they didn't have any stock on hand, and that watch ladies and gentlemen is the burgundy watch that i so freakin love.  Its that watch below that iv'e been checkin out on every watch store that i go to. I think they call this the rebel edition. or in this particular color i love, the Swatch burgundy rebel.

Updates from swatch sales ladies is that there are no news yet regarding the delivery of this specific color, but for other colors, they still have stocks. check out other colors below.

I so want the burgundy and the black with pink details and blue with green details.

cost for each watch is 3,500 pesos only. Dang it right! i'm thinking of buying 2 watches but only if the burgundy is available already. So swatch please! contact me if you have stocks already. Anyways, I got this invite, Nix picked it up the other day.
The ticket has a plus one guest in it, said the guy who texted me, i invited Nix, but she decided no to.. so i invited my good friend Allan Q. for this event.

We arrived a little late, a little past 8pm. and the show was about to start. place was packed with people, elites, rich people, celebrities, known personalities, owners, bosses and other.

we were a title far from the action. but we had more fun at the back.

with the awesome overflowing wines, and eggnogs.

 awesome small glasses. just like a Christmas Tree            me with the Justin Bieber. lol

eggnog with the cool ice inside.                                             bad shot allan. bad shot :)

The program was short, they announced that the after party shall continue beside the  swatch's store.

As people were preparing to move, we couldn't help  but have our picture taken with some celebrities there.

Me with Tim Yap,  Allan with Tessa Prieto Valdes
After that, we proceeded to the after party. I just couldn't catch  Anne and have my picture taken with her. she was busy and all over the place.

we also saw a familiar face. She used to be a DJ in a radio for ABS-CBN, now she's with TV5. whats her name again?
Allan pretending to be a reporter.
and then with a stoke of luck, and with a thick face i approached her. and then... BAZINGA!
Anne Curtis! i am a fan. 
I always look weird having my picture taken with a celebrity.
With Heart Evangelista. I was surprised she was there.
Well i can't say I didn't enjoy the night. Allan himself enjoyed the pictures with celebrities as well.

No, i didn't have my piture taken with John Llyod,
Yes, my shots are better than Allan's.
Yes, i bought a limited edition watch exclusively released here in the Philippines.
Costs 4,500 pesos only.
And with that night, i say a Merry Christmas to all.
with Mr. Pringles.
Mix signing out!

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