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Set to be Resorts World Manila's first exclusive production, KAOS was conceptualized with international audiences in mnd. The story, a timeless tale of love, in an engaging experience for the whole family. But what truly sets it apart is the combination of internationally acclaimed act that i weaves seamlessly together in one show.
With 3 main characters of the Price, Maiden and the Advisor, they will all perfoem original songs specially created for the show, with no less than the Manila Symphont Orchestra provising the musical score. 
Central to the story is non other than the title character, Kaos, who happens to be a real and rare white lion.

The preview started around 8pm and the press was welcomed by Mr. Archie Nicasio the PR Manager and introduced the following.
Mr. Jeff Evora VP for Marketing and Mr. Colin Kerr AVP for Entertainment of Resorts World Manila.

The preview opened with acrobats from Guangxi China
These kids has sick acrobatic moves and doing flips and twists in the air then land on that bamboo looking pole. I tell you, seeing what I saw was not easy.

Next up is the Valiant Prince of the show KAOS played by Gian Magdangal.
He did a nice rendition of "the First Time" by Eric Benet.
At first i thought his singing was just ordinary, but the way he sang it made a point why he is the lead male in the play, he was good.
Next is Courageous Maiden of KAOS Ms. Martha Joy other info of MJ
She did an awesome version of Time to say Goodbye.Por ti volaré If you don't know the song, it's the one that other great singers such as Andrea Bocelli, Paul Potts, Susan Boyle and Sarah Brightman used sing. And let me just say that Martha's version was just magnificent, wait, amazing if I may say.

and then other cast of the KAOS was called in..
well, the version they did on Glee's Somebody to love was not bad either. Bravo *clap*clap*clap*
Next is Enrique Polo is the illusionist / magician and his tigers!

Yes, that's a big ass tiger there, it's scary and amazing at the same time.  The adorable tiger's name is SITO.
and if that's not enough, try kissing SITO

After the short illusion and the tiger parade, and few words form the people from Resorts World, they asked if anyone of us from the press would like to have their picture taken with SITO, I automatically raised my hand, yes, for reasons i don't know. I thought maybe yeah, it's awesome but on the other hand, yes, it also has a big chance that my face could be slashed by Sito's paws, but heck i was there and not many Filipinos have that privilege to have their picture taken with a White tiger. So i did. :) 
Meet SITO :)
What you don't know, is that they were actually giving us specific instruction on how to come near, how to sit/pose, how to touch, and how to walk away. What you don;t see is the guy throwing bits and chunks of meat for Sito to munch on and be busy about.
After a few press had their picture taken, We proceeded to the lobby of the performing arts theater for the Q&A. But! before that, i had my picture taken with Martha Joy.
with Martha Joy

interview portion.
(from left to right)
Sviatlana Burkun - Production Manager, 
Enrique Polo - The good Wizard
Martha joy - The Courageous Maiden
Gian Magdangal - The Valiant Prince
Joel Trinidad - The Scheming Advisor
Colin Kerr - AVP for Entertainment and Executive Producer
Jeff Evora - VP for Marketing

The Press

Upon listening, here's what i got.
  • Enrique Polo - A man from Spain who performed all over the world. raised his tigers and kept them captivity.
  • Gian Magdangal - accidentally audition for the Role and got it.
  • Joel Trinidad - also auditioned for the role.
  • Objective of Chaos was to offer something world-class which is also Filipino. Showing the world that "Hey, we can do this here in the Philippines"
  • KAOS- was named after the White Lion. A very rare type of lion.
  • Sviatlana Burkun and Colin Kerr - wrote the script
  • Martha Joy was singing since 7 years old and joined Canadian Idol.

Audiences will be able to catch KAOS up to eight times weekly at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. The 1,500-seat theater boasts of the largest LED wall ever built in the Philippines, as well as state-of-the-art lights and sounds technology. This ultra-modern performance venue is part of Resorts World Manila, an integrated leisure destination where guests can shop, dine, play and enjoy excellent live entertainment daily.
This spectacular production of love and magic is only one of the ,amy surprises to be unveiled in time for Resorts World Manila's grand launch.
KAOS is not just a show; it is an experience everyone will enjoy again and again. And it's coming this November 2010, only at Resorts World Manila.

Check more pictures here.

Mix signing out!

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