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The Coca Cola and Araneta Center Giant Christmas tree event

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It did take me sometime to post this, apologies for being late, moving on.

November 12, 2010 There was a lot of people in the Araneta Center that night. . Most of them scattered like ants, many were rushing, shoppers all around, patrons buzzing about the event that is about to happen all of them energized by Coke this time of year. Yes, it felt like Christmas, and you can only feel here in Araneta Center this early in the month. The event is co-presented by Coca Cola and sprinkled by ABS-CBN stars, it was definitely a Fairy Tale Holiday Special brought to you by Coca Cola and Araneta Center.

Opened by Kitchie Nadal with a few of her hit songs

Host for the night - Chris Tsuper, Kim Chiu, Enchong Dee, Nicole Hyala

Other ABS-CBN Stars
The night was definitely star studded and The Araneta Center was packed with people, celebrities and other known personalities.
Coca Cola representatives, Ms. Universe Venus Raj and Mayor Herbert Bistek Bautista
ASAP stars and other performers were there

Well i couldn't help but also have my picture taken by two major celebrities there..

with ms Venus Raj. I don't know why but i always look stupid having my picture taken with celebrity women.

see? i looked better on Santa

The event was a great experience for me and for everyone who attended the event, the place was packed with people and all of them stayed till the end of the show.
here a collage of the pictures 
You can also check out this link for more pictures here

The Giant Christmas Tree in Araneta Center has been a Philippine tradition since 1981. Araneta Giant Christmas Tree is patterned after the Christmas tree in Rokefeller Plaza in New York, staggering at about 86 feet / 32 meters tall every year.

In the event, Coca Cola also showcased their Christmas jingle for this year along with their series of commercial, the tune was was definitely catchy and it was shakin me up! :)

here's the lyrics.
by Train

Shake up the happiness
Wake up the happiness
Shake up the happiness
It’s Christmas time
There’s a story that I was told
And I wanna tell the world before I get too old
And don’t remember it,
so let’s December it and reassemble it, oh yea
Once upon a time in a town like this
A little girl made a great big wish
To fill the world full of happiness
And be on Santa’s magic list
Shake it up
Shake up the happiness
Wake it up
Wake up the happiness
Come on, y’all
It’s Christmas time 

30 seconds TVC

One of Coke's biggest, colorful surprises this holidays is the Coca-Cola Contour Glass Promo! This year, they have yet again have the ultimate, fun-to-collect items that with complete our Noche Buena at will go really well with the deliciously fizzy cola drink we all love.  It is available in five perky colors such as red, yellow, violet and greem and the latest addistion to the bunch, the aquamarine contour glass.

Get these contour glasses with these easy steps, all you have to do is.
One. Buy Coca-Cola, Coke Light, Coke Zero, Sprite or Royal Tru Orange in any of the 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 1.5L and 2L packs.
Two. Look under the Santa cap for a "Cooke Glass" and collect 2 more regular Coca-Cola Santa caps and
Three. Exchange these caps for one Coca-Cola Christmas Countour Glass from any 7 Eleven store, selected sari-sari stores or public markets and Coca-Cola Sales offices nationwide.
It's that simple so start collecting now! you may redeem from November 15-December 31, 2010 only!

Also, you can log on to  for other info.

Let's open Coca-Cola, Open Hapiness, Open Energizing Christmas Spirit.

this is mix signing out!

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