Mall of Asia Giant Christmas Tree Launching


November 6, 2010 - I was late, well, a little late in attending the event, and i promise myself not to be late on future events :)

The event started and ended great. It was opened by Steven Tan the AVP for operations and ended with a lot of people having pictures with Santa. ChriSM was felt that night as elves and toy soldiers were merry all over the place, parents brought their kids, out of office employees went out of their way to have their picture taken and around everywhere people were Shopin Shopin Shopin, SM Supermallin! as the song goes.

It definitely was big night for all SM Supermalls as they all launched the SM ChriSMs simultaneous across 40 malls. Their main ground for launching their Christmas chriSMs campaign is at Megamall, participated by Erik Santos and knows Cosplayers in the biz. Too bad i wasn't able to come there, but Mall of Asia was good enough for me :)

Others were falling in line to have their picture taken with Santa.

And ofcourse Jeman and his friend Iya Santos couldn't help but have their picture taken with Santa.
I went around a bit more and tried taking shots of the place. The area was definitely crowded with people taking pictured of other people.

I had fun taking pictures of the Santas in the Christmas themed village display of LEGO.

with Iya Santos and Jeman Villanueva from Orange Magazine

Well, That's basically it. SM malls now are definitely on a Christmas ChriSM fever, and you'd be hearing more of their jingles in the mall. Shopping experience would be bigger and better this year with lots of events lined up for the patrons and loyal families, together with their holiday cheers and happy tears. (i suck at rhyming)

That's it everyone! Happy ChriSMs!!!

Stay updated and check out their Christmas blogspot

mix signing out!

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