One evening, after a long stressful day at work, Nix and I decided to grab something to eat. We thought of something comforting, really good and worth the money. First it was Avenetto, an affordable Italian food. Pizza and Pasta fix, thought of Chaikofi but decided not to. We passed by Mann Hann but, Mann Hann that night didn’t felt right. Then beside it,  MANNANG.
Mannang was always there, but never did we try going there to try their food, Mann Hann did a good job distracting us and never had the chance to try Mannang. But on this humble night, we decided to try Mannang, and yes.. it was the start of a good evening.
Their branch in Mall of Asia is right beside each other, one big place and just a see through wall that divides Mannang from Mann Hann, just in case you didn’t know,  Mannang and Mann Hann are from the same company.
We were presented with 2 menus, one from each store as you can order from either restaurant, so it doesn’t really matter where you sit down, but we chose to sit down in the Mannang area for a different ambiance and for seats which has a back rest. Mann Hann has benches with no back support. boooo!!

We decided not to go for our usual comfort food which is Chinese Food, so we went with the Mannang - Filipino food. First up..

Pork Binagoongan                                  
                              Pork Sisig

Salt and Pepper Squid                                                             and Good ol Garlic Rice
Definitely good set of food, no soup but we were okay with it :) mostly fried but hey, i said we were okay with it. 

I am a big fan of bagoong, and i liked the one they served us, it was like lechon kawali with a good mix of bagoong,Nix didn't like it though. The pork sisig was just right, This has been the craving of Nix for a few days now, and personally i like the Salt and pepper rib, but we decided to go for the squid, and it wasn't so bad either.

"It all wouldn't be right if we didn't have seasoning and hot sauce to go with it :) "

and lastly, for dessert we ordered Anna Nicole Smith's coffin (bless her soul)
Get it? get it??!

Never mind...It's actually Mango cheesecake 

Well there you go, one of our many food adventures, next time we'll try out hidden places and other specialty food, but for now... this will do :)

This is Mix signing out!

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