Philippine Airlines Celebrates Moms Who Fly: A Heartfelt Look at Motherhood Above the Clouds

Tes Garcia, a PAL flight attendant and mom to actress Gabbi Garcia, soars high in her career while keeping family close. Read their inspiring story & how PAL celebrates #MomsWhoFly!
Philippine Airlines (PAL) takes flight with a heartwarming story for Mother's Day. Their social media video features Tes Garcia, a flight attendant since 1994 and the mother of actress Gabbi Garcia. It's a beautiful testament to the unwavering love and dedication of mothers who juggle demanding careers with raising a family.

Breaking the Mold: A Mom Who Takes Flight
Tes's story showcases the exceptional strength and commitment of flight attendant mothers. Balancing a demanding career with family life is no easy feat, yet Tes has managed it with grace for over two decades.
A Journey of Love and Flexibility
The video takes viewers on a nostalgic trip with Tes and Gabbi, highlighting the sacrifices and creativity Tes employed to ensure she was present for her daughters despite her flight schedule. From celebrating Christmas a day early to finding ways to connect even when apart, Tes's dedication shines through.

Motherhood Above the Clouds: Extending Care and Guidance
Tes's nurturing spirit extends beyond her immediate family. As a Purser, the highest-ranking flight attendant, she embodies a maternal role for her crew members.

A Celebration of Mothers Who Fly
Gabbi expresses her immense gratitude for her mother's love and sacrifices. Tes's story exemplifies the countless mothers who wear many hats – a successful career woman, a devoted mother, and a guiding light for those around her.
PAL Celebrates #MomsWhoFly
Philippine Airlines goes beyond sharing Tes and Gabbi's story. They celebrated all mothers with a social media contest offering the chance to win an unforgettable travel experience. This initiative, #MilesForMom, highlights PAL's commitment to its employees and their families.

Looking to Learn More? Head over to PAL's social media pages (Facebook: [], Instagram: @flypal) to learn more about their #MilesForMom campaign and see heartwarming stories of mothers who fly!

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