Ceelin: 50 Years of Keeping Filipino Kids Supercharged

Ceelin celebrates 50 years of being a superhero for Filipino kids' immunity! Discover how Ceelin empowers kids to conquer adventures with fun vitamins and a commitment to healthy futures.
Remember Ceelin, those orange vitamin C drops you probably got as a kid? Well, guess what? Ceelin's turning 50 this year! That's right, for half a century, Ceelin's been a sidekick to Filipino moms, keeping their little ones healthy and ready to take on the world.

From Super Strict to Super Fun: Ceelin's Always There
Remember how things were different when we were kids? Parents might have been a bit more, well, strict. But through it all, Ceelin's been there, helping moms give their kids the best start in life – one packed with health, happiness, and the power to fight off those pesky coughs and colds.
These days, keeping kids healthy isn't just about avoiding getting sick. It's about giving them the confidence to explore, learn, and play to their heart's content. And Ceelin's got their backs with a whole squad of vitamins designed just for growing bodies.

Ceelin: The Right Vitamins for Every Little Adventure
No matter your kid's age, Ceelin's got a vitamin buddy for them. From those super important first drops to yummy syrups, chewables, and even gummies (because who doesn't love gummies?), Ceelin has it all. Each one is made especially for different stages of growth, so your little one gets exactly what they need to stay awesome.
Ceelin Turns 50: A Celebration of Superpowers!
To celebrate their golden anniversary, Ceelin's throwing a party! Their new commercial shows a cool kid exploring everywhere, with her mom right there making sure she's strong and protected with Ceelin, just like her own mom did for her when she was little.

The party was epic, with famous moms and doctors celebrating Ceelin's commitment to healthy, happy kids. Ceelin ambassador Marian Rivera-Dantes even shared how Ceelin is her go-to partner for keeping her kiddos Zia and Sixto healthy for all their adventures:
“My kids' health is no joke. That's why I trust Ceelin to boost Zia and Sixto's immunity for everything they do, from playing outside to fighting off a cold. It's important to keep their defenses strong, no matter what. And hey, just like me when I was a kid, they love playing outside too, and I want them to have that experience." - Marian Rivera-Dantes

The party was hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart, and it took everyone on a trip down memory lane, showing Ceelin's 50-year history of keeping Filipino kids supercharged. They even emphasized their promise to be the "haligi ng proteksyon" (pillar of protection) for Filipino children, "noon, ngayon at bukas" (then, now, and forever).

Sharing the Superhero Power of Immunity
Ceelin isn't just about throwing parties (although that was pretty cool). To make their celebration even more meaningful, they donated Php500,000 worth of vitamins to Caritas Philippines, their partner in helping Filipino kids everywhere. This just shows how committed Ceelin is to sharing the power of immunity with all Filipino children.
Innovation and Trust: The Ceelin Way
For 50 years, Ceelin's been the undisputed champ when it comes to keeping kids' immune systems strong. Since 1974, they've been all about helping kids get well faster and avoid getting sick in the first place. With their dedication, Ceelin's become a family favorite in the Philippines, helping kids dream big and stay healthy for generations.
“Our mission has always been to give Filipino kids strong immunity because we know it's the key to a happy life,” says Rachel Mistal, Ceelin Brand Manager. "And guess what? That mission isn't going anywhere. We're still 100% committed to keeping the next generation of Filipino kids healthy and happy. With Ceelin by their side, parents can relax knowing their kids are all set to live life to the fullest."

Vitamins for Every Pinoy Kid
Ceelin knows every kid is different, so they offer all sorts of cool options to fit their needs. They have drops, syrups, chewables, and even gummies – so there's something for every picky eater

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